Friday, May 3, 2013

Nothing says "I love you" like crochet bunting....

In the last few days little bundles of joy have been arriving at my house.

When the first parcel arrived, I thought how kind 
and when the second parcel arrived I laughed, I thought it was a coincidence.

But then more and more parcels arrived and I realised it was a conspiracy
of the nicest kind!!!
It's official, I've been love bombed!!
I have the best friends.

Today two parcels by courier, one hand delivered
and one by mail.

I cried.

I've hung is all up around our house. It looks amazing.
We are loved.

There was also a lot of chocolate.
A lot of chocolate.

I can't begin to explain how this makes me feel.
I feel loved and I feel encouraged.
And now I know what it feels like,
I can't wait to show love to others. It's just so amazing to be loved in this way.
I might have to master crochet!!

Seriously though, a huge big thank you to
You guys are so awesome.

Thank you.
Nothing says "I love you" like crochet bunting.
Who knew??


  1. Glad you got given back to :-)

  2. hurrah!
    the best payback!!

  3. :) It looks so fab all strung up! xx

  4. I love this - such a beautiful conspiracy!

  5. Beautiful and well deserved. Cx

  6. What a beautiful surprise for a beautiful lady xx

  7. So awesome! And SO MUCH BUNTING!!! xxx

  8. Oh man, HOW COOL!!! And you are SO deserving xxx

  9. Yay! You so deserve it... and bunting - your favourite! xx

  10. How fantastic. What a great team.

  11. You have been bunting bombed
    Consider yourself crochet cuddled


  12. Love how all the different buntings have the same base but all look a little different!
    And I LOVE your pom pom wreath (just peeking at the side of the top photo!)
    Did you make it? I think I may have to have a go :-)


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