Sunday, May 19, 2013

Perfection or Practicality...

One of the jobs on my to-do list was to make a couple of hot-water bottle covers.
It gets blimmen cold here in the winter and we don't heat our bedrooms
(hello ice on the inside of the windows anyone?)
so a hottie in the beds at teatime, means a cosy bed to pop into later.

I had some bits left over from Annie's scrap vomit quilt
(haven't showed that here yet) and on Saturday afternoon I had a couple of hours peace
and decided to knock the covers together.

The quilting wobbles (I was on speed)
and the seams don't match but really its a hot water bottle cover.
We are going to put them in our beds and pop our frosty toes on them.
They didn't have to be perfect, they just had to be practical.

They have been tested out and passed the quality control,
the kids reported that the hottie stayed cosy and warm which is what I wanted.

I know it's really easy to obsess about making things perfect
and I agree to a point, but there's a time and a place.
A hottie for a bed and feet? no way
A hem on a good dress? yes please.

I'd also just like to point out that sometimes we sacrifice completion
to make something perfect,
and even a wonky hottie cover (or quilt) will keep your family warm.
A ufo in a basket will not keep anyone clothed or warm,
or cosy in any way, but a finished project whether it's a cushion,
a cardy or a hottie cover, will bless your family
and it's very wonkiness will make it all the more beloved.

I would bet that most of you reading this have a UFO tucked away somewhere
that is not quite how you wanted it,
my challenge to you for this week, is to pull is out,
compromise your standards and finish the thing so your family can use it.

You'll never regret a finished project, you will a pile of UFO in the cupboard.

Me? I'm off to tackle the World's Biggest Ironing Pile,
pretty sure that will bless my family this week!


  1. ha ha our ironing pile just gets hung up - iron as needed is our current arrangement. love the other parts - wisdom as always (not that wonky hems stop me!)

  2. love this post, totally agree, and boy oh boy do I feel like snuggling up with a hottie right now! I think I need to make some hottie covers too...

  3. I haven't seen a hot water warmer in years--I'll have to look harder, they don't seem to be overly common around here (Oregon, US), but I use a flax pack that I heat up in the microwave for the same idea--your covers are much cuter than the simple pillowcase mine has!

  4. haha, I have more than one wonky quilt top lurking, waiting to be finished. One I am going to give to anyone who wants it - I was on chemo at the time, and it is sorta like jelly or chicken risotto now - yuck! Can't stand it. The others I like. One may be a Dresden plate quilt that I started before moving here....
    And all of my finished quilts are wonky but who cares? I don't quilt for show, I quilt for fun, to play with colour, to make something useful.

  5. Cute hottie covers :) and so true! I made hottie covers last year and they were unfixable...far too 3 months later....I ended up sewing polar fleece covers, in all their wonky glory...but the kids were stoked! I must keep that in mind next time I'm tempted to give up a project in disgust

  6. Totally agree with your comments on perfection - yes it would be nice if it happened everytime I made something. I aim for as close to for gifts, but most other things would fit under this saying: my
    " a blind man would be pleased to see it"

    Have a great day

  7. Definitely a balance to be had! Love the covers :) and last week pulled out a ufo that I'm working on in between everything else - just dying to get it done!


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