Thursday, May 23, 2013

Practicing what I preach... a pink quilt for a Princess!!!

Yesterday I was walking by the spare bed
and really noticed the pile of quilts waiting there.
There is one waiting for nana, one waiting for me to figure out what to do
and this one from January all basted and ready for me to quilt and bind.

Last night after we got home for the lantern festival at Kindergarten,
and the children were put to bed I decided on a whim to pull it out and tie it.

On my way to bed I found a piece of fabric for the binding.

And this morning I cut and sewed it on, by machine.
I decided to practice what I preach and finish a UFO.

It's not perfect if you look closely, not perfect at all.

But apparently that doesn't matter a scrap.

It's perfect to snuggle under with a friend, so soft and snuggly.

It's somebody's favourite pink colour.

and it makes this mama's heart happy to see it done.
Honestly it took me no time to finish it, all the hard work was done.

And I know Miss Annie-Rose is going to be happy happy happy with it for a long time to come.

I know that some of you have been finishing things off,
or changing what they were to something you can finish off.
I saw someone on instagram turn a crochet blanket into a table runner yesterday!
It looked fantastic. Finishing things gives you such a buzz.

Can I just encourage you to pull out something you started,
figure out the fastest way to make it into something you can use
and finish it off??? It doesn't matter if it isn't how you envisaged,
it just matters that it is done!!!!!


  1. Such great encouragement - I have a half made dress in my studio that I just need to put the skirt on. I can do it!

  2. Your quilts always look amazing and filled with love x

  3. A beautiful quilt for a beautiful little girl and friend to enjoy. Thanks for your encouragement to finish our UFO's.
    Anne xx

  4. LOVE! You finished it! Such a beautiful quilt for a beautiful girl. and i love love loved your original UFO post - you are SO right, its much better to finish it despite perfection because its no use to your family in a basket. I couldn't agree more!! x

  5. My PHD is getting closer and closer to finishing!
    Can't believe how quickly I am working my way through my basket
    This quilt is gorgeous !! !! !!
    And those photos of wee Annie and friend

  6. You're completely right! I think I'm put off making quilts right now because of the time involved quilting them.....I'll put on my thinking cap and just finish Ben's quilt the simplest way possible and get it done :))

  7. I am in awe of your quilt making ability Deb! You are amazing in all sorts of ways xx

  8. It's looking good. Fit for a princess with all her pink netting!!

  9. Thanks for the encouragement to finish something from our to-do lists. This week you encouraged me to finish sewing in the thread ends from my first attempt at machine quilting. I was not totally happy with my results and it would have sat unfinished for who knows long without your advice about being able to use our finished projects. And I did use the quilt - we're having a cold spell this spring, and it is so cosy on the bed!


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