Monday, May 27, 2013

Rosewater Quilt from Handquilted with Love

This is the second quilt I have made with this pattern
and I love it so much. It's a lovely pattern to show off some feature fabrics.

The brief for this one was red and purple and funky
and I think it fits the description perfectly.

It's the brightest happiest quilt you could imagine.

It is bitterly cold here in Christchurch today,
currently hail is falling horizontally across the back yard,
just the sort of weather to snuggle under a quilt!

Not this one though, it's off to warmer climes
where I know for sure it is going to be loved.


  1. Gorgeous happy colours Deb! xx

  2. oh it looks gorgeous and it is SO cold!!!

  3. Wow fantastic material. I think I should make an orange one. Once upon a time I collected heaps of orange material. now I am not interested. But this would use it and be funky!!

  4. A beautiful quilt Deb. Love the colours, definitely need warming up in NZ today. Handquilted with Love is a fabulous book - it's on my wishlist.

  5. LOve the quilt, is it a free pattern?

  6. Beautiful quilt, fabulous array of colours, the backing fabric looks gorgeous too.

  7. It really is beautiful I LOVE it !!
    Such a happy quilt for a cold day (it's even Auckland cold)

  8. So pretty - you definitely nailed the brief!


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