Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Simple Pillowcase Tutorial

Last year I saw Katy making lovely pillowcases on Instagram and decided to copy her. I hunted about for a tutorial but couldn't find one that seemed straight forward to me, so I figured it out as I went along.
I decided a pillow with a nice pillowcase was going to be my present of the year
so in January Reuben and I cut out about 17 pillowcases (he supervised I cut)

I've been making them up as needed, but decided to finish them all off 
so this week I've sewn the last ten. Here's a simple tutorial to show you how I did it.

For two pillowcases you need one metre of main fabric, half a metre of contrast and 10 cm of a trim.
It works out more economical to make two at once.

Fold the main fabric in half by putting the selvedges together.
Cut the folded piece into two 50cm (19") pieces and trim off the selvedge.

Cut the trim into 2.5 x 50 cm (1 x 19") pieces and press in half lengthwise.

Cut the contrast fabric into four pieces 50 x 50 (19 x 19")

Unfold the main fabric and at each end pin a piece of trim and a piece of contrast
and sew it down. Press.

Then fold the pillowcase in half and sew both long side seams
making sure that the trims line up at the seam. Neaten the edges.
Neaten the top raw edge and fold under 5mm (1/4") and sew down.

Turn the pillowcase right side out and fold in the top six inches or so creating a flap on the inside.
 I usually just check with a pillowcase or the pillow it is going to fit. 
Very carefully top stitch down each side seam just long enough to hold the flap.

Press, pop a pillow in and you are done.
It's as easy as that. It's all neat and tidy which is important to me.

Please let me know if this doesn't seem to make sense,
sometimes its hard to put actions into words!!!


  1. Such a great idea Deb, love that you make the gifts in advance... pretty clever! xx

  2. Thanks for posting this. It is a great idea. You always use the most interesting fabrics. I also love the Dutch background one with the tulips I spy too. Cx

  3. I really need to do this! That piece of trim really helps to break up between the print and contrast.

    I think I may need to reread the instructions a couple of times so it sinks in, just because I'm not so good with written instructions unless their my own :)) But no worries I do the same with all patterns :))

  4. Thank you for this great tutorial, I shall be making some for my little grandchildren.........very well written and easy to understand tutorial. x

  5. Love that pillowcase - Love the idea - it's one that I've used many times!

  6. LOve it! I just copied a real one when I did mine and there was a bit of back tracking (and swearing!) Will keep this tutorial and yes, makes perfect sense!

  7. Maybe it's just because it's so late but I was with you right up until the part where you fold it in half and then I was lost......


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