Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taking a detour....

The main road to our house is closed at the moment
and I always forget till I get to the no-entry sign
and have to take the detour down the motorway.
Every single time I see the no-entry sign I rage at the detour
and then pick one of the alternatives.

It's a the same feeling in a smaller way as when I stood at the site
of the children's school and raged at the injustice of it all,
and wanted that life back even though I knew in my head it had long gone.

Yesterday I spent some time with a dear friend
whose life had hit a detour, and the alternative paths turned out to be
complete rubbish roads as well.

My heart broke for her.

It's ok to spend a bit of time raging at the detour sign,
it's ok to cry and shake your fist and stomp your feet.
It's not ok to set up camp there (I know some folks like that)
but it is ok to regroup and work out where to go for there
and it's ok to feel sad about the fact you can't go where you thought you were going.

Part of our humanness is that we feel sad or happy,
that we make plans and dream dreams.

In the hard times we realise one of the most important things,
is that we are not doing life completely by ourselves.
We are just not designed to live in isolation,
we are designed to live our lives in community.

So even if our life suddenly detours and the alternative sucks,
our community of people will rally and support us as we choose a new path.

I know a lot of folks think that believing in God is a prop for weak people,
but we are people, we are human!
we all need something much much bigger than ourselves to hold onto,
a hope that coupled with our community (friends, family, pet rat)
carry us through the very grim times that sometimes we find ourselves in.

My friend gave me this beautiful piece of floral fabric
and as I have been thinking about her and her truly horrid situation
this simple block popped into my mind.
The very lovely paired with the plain.

It's the plain that shows up the beautiful,
just like the hard times in our lives show up the real beauty,
and there are loads of different things you can do with it, if you are willing to try.

As long as you can embrace the change,
a detour is not the end of the road, but an opportunity to try a different path.

I love you my friend, you know who you are,
you will get through this xoxoxox


  1. Most beautiful, wise, kind, heartfelt post ever. And the pictures just went perfectly with it. You are a truly amazing, inspiring friend. XOXO

  2. beautiful post Deb - as always good, wise and true words - mixed with some eye candy too xxx

  3. Beautiful post Deb and beautiful quilt. Your friend is lucky to have you xx

  4. This is such a lovely post. It should be in a greeting card for people who are going through tough times.

    xo to you and love you your friends as well.

  5. Great to have seen you last night. the web address I was talking about was if you get an green light on this system then Arrow and MWH Mainzeal and Hawkins will put you on their approved supplier list. The only other jobs I know are constructions ones - subcontracting to places like Mike Greer and Stonewood Homes. Cheers Karen

  6. That struck a chord with me, such a beautiful post and the photos are perfect for explaining it all :)

  7. You're right Deb, she will get through this because she has us all to be there for her. Thank God for the friends we make who are so special they will always have a piece of our heart.

  8. Loved the photos putting a picture to the words. Feeling for your friend. My favourite part: its not ok to set up camp there... This is how we move forward in life. All the best for your friend x

  9. You have no idea how helpful Ivfound that as I cope with my own crossroads
    Thank you

  10. The images provide such a gorgeous representation of such precious (& timely) wordsx

  11. you are a fabulously wise woman Deb!


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