Friday, May 31, 2013

The hottie challenge 2013

Today I finished my hot water bottle cover for the Hottie Challenge. 
I wanted it to be recognizably made by me.

So I used all my precious pieces from the inch by inch swap,
little pieces of treasured fabric from all over the place.

I stitched them all together and cut out the hottie shape.
This lovely vintage doilly is going on the front.

It's a bit wobbly and a bit wonky on purpose,
because this hottie is meant to be filled with a hot water bottle
and popped into someone's bed to warm it up
and thaw out their feet after a cold day at work.

I hope who ever buys it really likes it,
with it's eclectic mix of fabrics from other people's stories.

By the way I've listed the pair of cowboy pillowcases that I made
for the tutorial the other day in my fledgling Felt shop.


  1. It's beautiful, but more than that, it is very, very Deb. Love it!

  2. So beautiful Deb and totally utterly you!!! Love it!

  3. So you and looks very snuggly! x

  4. This says DEB!!
    I'm sure whomever buys it/ receives it will LOVE it

  5. I love it!!! Absolutely love it.

    Of course it would be of no use to me what-so-ever... how could I sleep and warm up with so many interesting pieces of fabric to gaze at???


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