Monday, June 24, 2013

A walk in the sunshine!

Somedays you just have to leave the messy house
and the jobs sucking all your time and energy and get out and breathe some fresh air.

We popped into our local op-shop and found a few treasures
including this doll who was naked and we found her a pretty dress.

The river bank is soaking wet because the river was up over the road
for a lot of last week. So much rain.

Annie and Reuben have the brightest, warmest hats to wear
and Annie was wearing a cardy by Grandma.
I think it could be my favourite, it is heavy and warm
and perfect for a winter day.

I had a pretty crappy afternoon, but nothing like finding a yellow basket
at the oppy to make it feel a lot brighter.

That and my sweet little girl and a walk in the sunshine.

It's the simple pleasures
and a breathe of fresh air.

The day looks a lot brighter.


  1. Beautiful wee girl.
    Love her hat
    Love her cardy
    LOVE the yellow basket.

  2. That gorgeous wee girl would definitely be an "afternoon brightener", enjoy the sunny bits.

  3. I love that dress! That yellow basket would brighten anyone's day :)

  4. Gorgeous basket...gorgeous girl.

  5. So true - sometime you just gotta get out of the house!!!


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