Thursday, June 13, 2013


Years ago I went on a course about parenting kids with anxiety,
we learned all sorts of things, but the most important thing
was a virtual tool box called "BREADS"

We learned when someone is feeling anxious,
we could pull something out of our "toolbox".
The word BREADS stands for Breathe, Relax, Exercise, Ask-for-help,
Distraction and Self-talk.

Whenever someone was getting a bit wound up,
we would think of one of the BREADS and either go for a walk,
or distract the child with an activity and so on.

It's the middle of winter here in the southern hemisphere, not the jolliest season
at the best of times. It's also the third year since the earthquakes began here
and the media tells us it is the worst. I don't know if that is true or not
but it is pretty tricky to keep your pecker up to be sure.

We are living in roadworks central at the moment,
it's not unusual to go through three or four detours on your way out somewhere
and to be honest, it gets you down really. It's just is relentless.
Just imagine the worst roadworks you encounter,
and then imagine them on every block and around every corner,
that's what our neighbourhood is like right now.

It's going to take all our skills including the BREADS to keep our family
perky and happy during this winter. 
But we will get through I know.

I have some plans for a distraction!!


  1. xxooxx

    Breads is great. thanks for sharing

  2. we will definitely distract you for a coffee when we get to CHCH :) Hearing you xxx

  3. I know what you mean on the roadworks! I'm using hard work as a distraction at the moment, painting rooms in fact. The cats do not approve.

  4. Great post - there has been a lot of anxiety in our house this year with much drama on top of earthquake repairs - Breads is very useful :)

  5. That's a fantastic acronym. We parent a child with anxiety... loving BREADS as a quick way for me to remember my options. Thanks for sharing.


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