Thursday, June 20, 2013

Buying New Zealand Made...

Supporting your local community means more than just....
Making things for your family,
or buying everything you can second hand.

Or using thrifted materials for your projects,
or even buying everything you can at the local farmers market.

 As lots of you know, we live in Christchurch,
city of 11,000+ earthquakes,
a city which is still being demolished nearly three years after the first earthquake.

 We have been learning the hard way about what happens when locals
miss out on work and people from overseas get opportunities
that should by rights go to locals.

It's hard and it's not just.

I'm pretty sure I'm never going to forget what this feels like.
I've become more and more aware as years go by about the real value of work,
that is why I try to always support a person who makes things locally
with their own two hands.

But I've never experienced before the injustice of people coming in and taking your livelihood.
These people are themselves being exploited, that's the hard part,
they are working too many hours, too many days a week,
and not being paid fairly because they are desperate.

Buying New Zealand made sounds great,
but it goes even further, it is about supporting your local economy.
I don't believe it is helpful for the EQC $$$ to be sent back to the Philippines
or to Russia. And I don't believe it is helpful for those families either
to be exploited in this way.

Buying New Zealand made is about the Government making sure that
as much work as possible is done by people who have roots in this country,
who have spent their whole lives trying to build an ethical business.

There will be opportunities for others for sure,
but I don't believe that a rebuild based on exploiting the poor from other countries
is the kind of rebuild that will build a city that will last.


  1. it's not about seeing the "expensive" price tag and then shopping cheaper offshore, it's about learning the REAL cost of life - of hard work, of real food, of making something from scratch, of GOOD QUALITY.
    Stay true, shine bright, Deb xx

  2. !!! well said !!!
    the true cost of cheap
    buy NZ made keep NZ'ers employed

    well done you xxx I know it wasn't easy to write

    ps: THANK YOU for my courier package

  3. About the quakes. Im from Chile , and as you know we are on the same ring of fire for quakes as you are. Chile tremors at least once an hr , just not always felt in all places..I was noticing your glass china cabinet . Are you able to keep things from breaking? My grandma and mom finally got rid of every gorgeous decoration they could find and replaced them with country style wreaths, fans baskets , quilts, and all soft decor etc. They could not stand to break things all the time. They only kept the good china, glassware at the bottom of the curio..

  4. Were venturing into a nz made business soon. So everything you said resonates deeply with me. It's great that there are a growing number of people like yourself buying handmade. But it saddens me that our government who leads this country can not show the same integrity.

  5. So So true. Agree 100%. I tried really hard recently to buy only locally made, or at least ethically made clothing for our family(after looking at the photos of the crushed factory). Sadly it was impossible to buy the clothes that we needed to stay warm for the winter on our budget... I was really gutted to give up, but am still taking my aware-ness with me as I shop. kia kaha Debs xoxo

  6. It's hard sometimes to even find locally made things, especially in clothing for children who aren't littlies anymore. I will be purchasing some new merino tops soon, I won't be going to The Warehouse though, I'm going to go the WEFT factory shop in Orbell St (I work for them so it's easy for me to get to) and get some seconds for a good cost. I know it's made locally, and made well. I'll probably make the boys some new singlets out of merino I have here; can't buy them easily now that LWR has gone under.
    Some things you can't get locally made so easily now, our washer etc are all from overseas, but I pay a bit extra to get good quality that wasn't made in China/Thailand etc. I support local yarn dyers and fibre people now, instead of buying in from the US. Fabric when possible from Levana Textiles in Levin (from their outlet in Christchurch), but woven fabric is harder to source NZ made, especially textiles suitable for what I sew.


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