Saturday, June 8, 2013

Defining clutter {what stays and what goes}

We have been decluttering our house since we came home from our holiday in January. 
It looks like this is the year that our quake-damaged house will be repaired
(you have to wait till your name comes up)
and so we have been working towards getting ready to pack up and move out 
while the repairs are carried out.

We have found a lot of junk, my word
bag after bag after bag has been put in the bins for recycling at the opshop,
but every now and again you find a treasure.

Like dear old Noddy, lovingly knitted by my mum for Chrissy when she was tiny.
When we found him, he had lost his trousers and so we asked Grandma
if she would be able to make another pair.

As it turns out thanks to the wonders of the internet,
Grandma found the pattern and knitted a lovely new pair of shorts for Noddy.


Noddy now has many more years of being loved ahead of him
with his privacy intact!
We are being pretty ruthless. There are LOTS of sentimental items,
but often a photo of the item is enough to help us remember
and we don't need to keep every single reminder of days gone by.

Noddy is actually wearing one shoe of his own
and one belonging to Aunty Sharyn's Noddy, maybe 30 years old and perfect
to keep Noddy's feet warm.
When I think about what to keep and what to let go of, this is what I say to myself...
Do we still have a use for it?
Is it fit for the purpose it is intended?
Do we still love it?

and also one more... Do we have room for it??

Noddy passes the test with flying colours
and will live at our home for many years to come.

Now only two more wardrobes to go.


  1. We are currently in this process of clearing out and the boys responses to something found that was hidden away "ohh i love that- its my favourite" its a great feeling of un cluttering.

  2. I wonder how many of those Noddy's were knitted. My mum used to make them, she gave one to my Aussie cousins about 40 years ago, and a few years ago he was repatriated to live with me. Very special as my mum is no longer here. S:)

  3. I'm so with you - except that when we have to move we'll be probably putting our stuff into long term storage as there is no room at the relations - so what we have to think is "do I really wanting to pay to store this?" Make you get super ruthless with the decluttering

  4. Every home needs a Noddy. Don't get rid of too much. I have done that in the past and have come to regret it.

  5. ahhhhhh I'm so glad Noddy gets to stay
    I actually speed read and scrolled down whilst holding my breath and thinking please don't get rid of Noddy


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