Friday, June 21, 2013


This morning, along with hundreds of other students,
I sat my last exam for the semester.
I was pretty anxious actually as I'm a bit rubbish at just remembering facts,
unless it's a useless fact of course and then I will always remember it.

For example, did you know that your ears never stop growing??
Why did I need to remember that??

I have really really loved studying and I feel like it is an enormous privilege,
I can't believe how fortunate I am to have this opportunity.

When I first started studying a few people said that I would need to get myself a desk
and a study stop at home, but actually I go to the local library to study
where there is a beautiful window to the outside
and as the weeks go by I have loved watching the season change.

I also love eavesdropping other conversations at the library,
some of them make me laugh and some of them make me cry.
It's awesome!

I am so looking forward to the next semester,
I'm doing three papers... Communications, Global Society and The Treaty.
I think they are going to be interesting.

But in the meantime I'm going to attempt some projects at home
and give my tired brain cells a wee rest!

What a good feeling it is!!


  1. What an amazing feeling, brain cells can stop processing Mr Grey, only for a while. You did amazing and enjoy your break :)

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  3. Congrats on finishing the semester! Enjoy your break and giving the brain cells a rest, I know I am!

  4. I'm taking a year off from study this year, and I'm both loving the break and totally missing the intellectual stimulation.

    Have a nice rest!

  5. Glad you are enjoying it. Enjoy your break too. Your study place looks amazing. Cx

  6. HUGE congratulations on completing your semester and PLEASE don't start studying at home otherwise how else will I know that patchwork is an expensive hobby and some people use vintage sheets and you shouldn't pull stitches too tight in crochet! LOVED the eavesdropping on that last convo you had me in 'stitches'

  7. Well done on the study! It's something I want to get back to, but finding the time is not possible right now. Still need to work out what I want to study too and hope it's available locally once I decide. Good luck for next term, and enjoy your time off in the meantime.

  8. That sure is a lovely library. I don't think I could study there - I'd be daydreaming out those windows no end.

    Yep - knew about the ear thing - I too retain facts that are less important than things I actually need to remember ... like getting the groceries for dinner so I can feed my kids!!!

    Hope the exam went well. Relax now before it all starts again :)

  9. Actually I did know that - (and your nose too). I wonder how that fits into your studies? Remind me to ask one day. Enjoy the change of pace.


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