Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finished, flaws and all...

I'll be honest, this project nearly didn't get finished.
Last week I was so close to sticking it in some dark cupboard to never be seen again.
The quilting is a DISASTER, oh my. I just couldn't fix it.
I was over it. Ugh, I never wanted to see it again.
But I remembered what I always say, that finished projects don't keep you warm
so I just decided to give up on the quilting, put some binding on 
and call it finished, one million flaws and all.

But the thing is you don't see the flaws when you snuggle under it on the sofa.

Or when you sit in a sunny spot and do some knitting.

Or when you make yourself a quiet coffee and sit quietly for five minutes.

You don't notice the flaw when you put it over a bed to keep your kidlet warm.
All you see is the nice warm blanket doing what it is meant to.

I debated taking pictures of all the terrible puckering down the side of this quilt,
but just imagine it looks like what ever is holding you back in your project.

I am sure that every single person reading this has some project
(not just sewing projects) not quite finished.
Whether it is tidying the garage, planting some bulbs,
writing a letter, or sewing the buttons on a jumper.

Just do what it takes so that you can start using it.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to unpick bits of this at some point and fix it,
but in the meantime we can USE it.

What would it take for you to be able to use your project??
Then do it!!

Look what Talia did! She finished her quilt and she is so happy with it,
I would be too, it's just a lovely lovely quilt. Go Talia.

Go all of you!


  1. It's gorgeous Deb - flaws or no flaws! and no doubt most people cant even tell :) Am slowly working on bits - time is not on my side though - but we'll get there x

  2. I have one I'm about to throw in too - the backing keeps shifting and losing size - it's awful but I will try! :o)

  3. Your words of wisdom do strike a chord with me. Whenever I get a fit of the perfectionisms I remember your mantra, ....." an unfinished quilt will not keep anyone warm"
    If I really cannot stand it I will unpick and preservere .....then if I really cannot stand it I will cry, stamp my foots and throw it in the never said I follow all good advise.

  4. It looks so lovely Deb - so happy and cheerful.... what flaws?? x

  5. This is so gorgeous!!!! I'm glad you finished it. And thanks for encouraging me to do the same!! xo

  6. I still think this is a beautiful quilt, whether there are flaws or not. Cx

  7. What a happy quilt. I've worried about wobbles before and you are right, once you are snuggled under it, it doesn't matter at all. I am amazed at your quilty output! XXXX

  8. Oh Deb it is bright and beautiful and such a happy quilt and you know what (I'm learning slowly) none of us are perfect and we all have flaws . . . . .

  9. You're too hard on yourself. Your quilt is lovely. I'm not a quilter but I have sewn before and those little puckers just make the quilt look hand-made, not machine constructed. Love your work and your blog.

  10. Oh wow! I absolutely love it! :) I'm sure the puckers give it personality! It's really amazing! Makes me motivated to get out my vintage sheets! ;)

  11. I love it Deb! And good for you, freeing other to enjoy imperfect quilting more! Perfection is soooo over-rated


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