Thursday, June 6, 2013

For the dress up box {sweet and simple}

On Friday mornings Annie plays with her dear friend Archie,
in the morning they play at Annie's house and in the afternoon at Archie's house.

They are super cute together, playing with the viewmasters,
dressing up and just generally being four year olds.
Archie is really really really into dressing up and so I decided that Annie needed
a princess dress up that wasn't just a princess dress.

After I saw the cape in Melissa's new book,
I realised it was just the thing we needed. Of course I had just donated my big piece
of blue velvet so I brought this lovely piece off trademe.

I know I've said it before, but this is a great book,
especially if you have small children.
I plan to start making five pairs of corduroy pants from it today.
(by the way I brought this book myself and am not being paid to promote it)

Apparently it's perfect for twirling!

Just what every princess needs.

Swish, swish!!!


  1. So lovely. So clever.
    And i just wanted to et you know that I have been ready most of your posts via Feedly on my tablet (and so commenting was a little tricky) but that your recent posts have moved me almost to tears and I am LOVING the way you write and feeling very grateful for YOU.

  2. the pics of her twirling around are so sweet :)))
    All the dress-up's bring back memories of my dress up box! they're were some awesome 70's dresses of my mums in there :))
    I'm thinking of making the wrap cardigan from her book, and I like the wrap dress too! x


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