Friday, June 14, 2013

For those of you who have wanted an epic quilt for your bed made by me....

Today our washing machine died,
and I still have to pay the repair man of course.
Anyway this and a few other things mean that I've decided to sell my beautiful
Queen sized Scrappy Trip Along quilt.

It's a really really lovely vintage floral beauty
and will give someone a lot of love.

This picture is before I bound it and shows off the amazing quilting job
that Shenleigh did on it, doesn't it look incredible??

It's not cheap, not at all. But it has good quality batting and backing
and it has 2088 little 2 1/2" squares, it was a lot of sewing.
The story about it is here.

I am doing a few commissions now, but I'm pretty sure that there will not be
many large quilts like this coming from my machine to sell,
so if you wanted one, this is your opportunity!
My loss = your gain, the old saying is true.

Here's a picture of the backing which has little foxes on it
and is beautiful in itself. (Once again a picture before I bound it)
It's bound now in a candy-striped pink.

It's available in my Felt Shop here.
I'm really hoping it can go to a home who loves it as much as I do!


  1. It's lovely Deb - hope someone comes along and snaps it up soon!

  2. I wish I had the money Deb, I'd snap it up! It's beautiful and I really hope it goes to a good home soon! xxx

  3. Such a beautiful quilt Deb. xx

  4. It is beautiful AND a bargain.

  5. It is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure it will find a new and loving home!
    Prudence @


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