Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to make an ordinary morning tea into a lovely birthday party....

I hung some bunting and put a cloth and some flowers on the table.
(In the interests of keeping it real, I'll just mention that I kicked the flowers over
while I was hanging the bunting and so that is tablecloth number two)

I baked a cake and put some chocolate and sprinkles on it.
I was going to do lovely swirls of chocolate actually, but the plastic bag split
so the cake is covered in great globules of chocolate which I disguised with sprinkles.

I did not tidy the living room or vacuum the floor, note the washing on the sofa
and all the toys on the floor. The kids did not care,
they played all morning with those toys.

I arranged the children's usual morning tea on very pretty plates
oh and I bribed James to go and buy two packets of lollies and a packet of chips.

Kate brought down a packet of her lovely paper straws,
these instantly make it feel like a party.

Two pink candles, now so short from repeated use
and it's a party! Happy Birthday Tessa.

The birthday girl! what a sweetie.

Abigail and William. These kids know how to party!

This must have been quite early on in the piece
before the food was demolished.

The cake was the Three Minute Sponge in the Edmonds Cookbook
doubled, with some pink colouring. It's actually delicious.

The kiddies had a lovely time and the mummies did too.
Just how every party should be really. No fuss, no hassle,
just a lot of good food and some fun and lots of chatter.


  1. We loved your party & are available anytime to eat cake & drink coffee xxx

  2. Was just thinking about you and bunting!
    I def need bunting on Saturday night !! !! !!

    This is a def a 'keeping it real' post and I love it

  3. I love this post so much. If you believe the internet you'd think that children's birthday parties had to be a competition. I saw one the other day that actually made me feel overwhelmed (not easy to do) and a little sad that the party was more for the blog than the kid. This is perfect and the kind of gig I'd love to go to. I love that it's so real and the focus is on what's important. THANK YOU!

  4. Awesome post! Good to see it doesn't matter if the house isn't spik and span! Glad the party was enjoyed by all! Love the bunting too!

  5. Love it! I am a great fan of impromptu party - yours is LOVELY!

  6. Thanks the good Lord for Deb. Flippin great. suck it pintrest!!!

  7. That would be 'thank' not thanks. gah

  8. looks fantastic. I love the shape of the cake tin you used. That parties it up even more

  9. Love this post Deb and that cake looks lovely and yummy! Looks like a good time was had by all which makes it the best kind of party of all :-)

  10. I love how you kept the essence of the party with pretty little simple things and the cake looks awesome. She is so cute. My boy turned 2 as well and we just had cake and balloons. Here's hoping for the not so terrible two's.

  11. Hey Deb
    Thanks for your blog comment :) I have talked about disabilities not being obvious in a post called Talking to people with a disability - there's a link to that at the bottom of the post you commented on!

  12. You sure do know how to put on a fancy spread. Lovely dovely.


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