Monday, June 3, 2013

In which a picture does not tell 1000 words {camping in the winter}

Hurray for three day weekends right? 
Happy Birthday Ma'am to the Queen, Bless her.
We decided to use the time wisely
and moved Miss Almost-20 into her very own room outside in the office,
I know right? we are just such cool parents that way.
If you live here long enough you end up sleeping in some shed somewhere.
Thems the breaks people, small house + too many people 
means we will shuffle them around wherever we can.

Yes and then Sunday we woke up bright and early
and packed the truck and off we went (except James who decided he had better
things to do) to Lake Opua to stay with the Cousins and help Aunty celebrate her birthday.
Sunshine, caravan, good food, family what could be better?

Ah lovely, all set up, lickety split and the boys went off on an epic firewood
collecting mission while I knitted and chatted and kept an eye on Annie.
It was lovely, till the southerly stepped up a notch and the wind blew a gale,
at that point my merino cardy blew off to hide for the rest of the weekend, strike 1.


Anyway that was ok, bit of rain never hurt anyone really,
and we had a cosy evening eating, watching xfactor, knitting
except the knitting stopped because I left my extra wool at home, strike 2.

Then off to the caravan for a nice nights sleep listening to the rain on the caravan roof,
ah lovely. Shame about Miss 4 who would only sleep between us, strike 3
and the vent which leaked soaking Mr 11's bed to the mattress meaning
he ended up snoozing in a pile of blankets on the floor, strike 4.

The next morning my alarm went off at 6am and I sneaked out and set off
to drive to Twisel (1 1/2 hours drive) to have breakfast with a friend who 
has had a bit of a rough time lately and so we had a good catch up
and yummy breakfast and coffee before I set off back up the south island
to have lunch and spend the rest of the day with the family.

Sadly for me the pouring rain had turned into a full scale snowstorm (strike 5)
and I was dressed in less than adequate clothing
 (remember the merino?)but oh well.
Actually I was scared shitless and did a bit of crying down the telephone to David
who was giving me instructions about 4WD. 

Then I got almost all the way back, just going through Burkes Pass,
when would you believe it, they closed the road. Strike 6.
Cue more crying on the telephone to David (poor man)
and all the way back to Twisel to my friend.

My friend wasn't having a great time either (strike 7)
and her puppy was sick (strike 8) so we drove to Omarama to the vet.
The vet was the nicest man who looked after puppy and fixed her up.
I did make a terrible mistake when I asked him about his trip to Magnolia
instead of Mongolia. Ouch. (strike 9)

Then back to Twisel for delicious lunch (it's about 3 by this stage)
and some more chat and then the road opened so bye bye friend
and I set off on my solo attempt of Burkes Pass again.
It was pitch dark again by the time I got back to the family
but I made it. What a day.

Then we packed the truck and home we came. 
What an adventure. Honestly camping holidays in the winter,
I can't recommend them more.

Oh and I found my merino cardy outside in the snow where the wind blew it
just as I hopped in the truck to come home. Awesome.

All of these pictures were taken this weekend,
which just proves pictures don't always tell 1000 words!!

Now I better scurry and wash and dry the wet quilts and bedding
and all the clothes not intended for snow that got wet and dirty yesterday.

What did you do for your three day weekend???


  1. Well at least the pictures paint a pretty picture! All the vintage linens - beautiful! xxxx

  2. i love the crying down the phone bits - it's so nice to know I'm not the only one who does that kind of thing xx

  3. Oh my, what a weekend! You'll laugh about it in future I'm sure :)

  4. Sounds like you need a long weekend to recover from that little lot!!!
    I love the way you make camping look so cosy and inviting!

  5. Glad you made it back safely in the end x

  6. Eventful alright. Glad you made it home safely.

  7. We haven't had our long weekend yet, but I think I will stay at home...:-)

  8. Gah hon xxx seriously can we wipe our last weeks and start afresh today xxx
    Love you loads thanks heaps for phone call

  9. all that vintage colour makes it look like a warm summer day! we just gardened and i had a complete day of rest on Monday, lie in until 1, leisurely bath etc, etc. bliss!

  10. Wow what a weekend, glad you made it home safe.

  11. Thats alot of strikes! Sounds like a pooey weekend :( And I would have been crying down the phone too!!
    We celebrated my eldests 11th birthday at the zoo and then planted on sunday and then after only three days Mike went back Sth on Monday.... while I'm set the kids to :)) such a lovely mum aren't I!

  12. Oh dear :-( So pleased you made it back safe and sound eventually AND even recovered the cardy. The best laid plans huh.... xx


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