Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No Show and Tell here really...

I keep meaning to link up with Leonie on Thursdays and never write my posts on the right day,
and of course the day I remember I haven't finished anything!!

Currently I'm working on two Christmas quilts scrap vomit quilts
so nothing to see there then!

I've got another quilt that I'm unpicking the basting from and have 1000 ends to sew in,
nothing to show there.

I have a Griffin on the needles for David that has got too big and heavy to drag about,
but it's time will come next week while I am watching the 
tour de France. Can't wait for that. Nothing to show there yet.

I've been working on this purple and grey Griffin for Reuben for months.
I have many many photos of it, these are just a few of them.

The fact it is so slow is nothing to do with the pattern which is awesome,
but more to do with how slooooow I am at knitting.

I've finished the body and onto the hood.
Nothing really to see here then either.

Sorry folks, maybe next week.

Folks who have actually finished stuff here.


  1. smile !! seriously lovely lady you have made so many finishes this year it is incredible xxx
    love this post anyways
    hope today is a brighter day

  2. clever, clever lady - a constant person to admire x

  3. i imagine you drifting from room to room, a couple of stitches here, a bit of sewing there, in a crafty version of the manner in which i waft around my house picking up crumbs!
    love that purple jersey so much x

  4. Ah, UFO week! Gives us something to look forward to :).
    Cheers, Robyn

  5. You're joking right? Seriously - have you not seen all the stuff you've finished? You are an incredible machine! Love that you linked up, and always love seeing you're makings - finished or not! Big hugs xx

  6. What you are creating looks so cozy and colourful- great job so far!

  7. all such gorgeous pictures!!! I can't wait to see the finished items!

  8. As everyone said, there are so many gorgeous items you have finished, I love checking in on all the creations you are in the midst of, finished or not....the process is just as inspiring! :))) xxx

  9. Tour de France! Yay! I stitch a lot while we watch too. First up for me is a finish too: I'm hand sewing the back of thd binding on my first bed sized quilt. Do you hear commentary by Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen too? It would be cool to think you do, thousands of mile from me in southwestern Ohio.

    I found your blog through sew mama sew this year and I'm really enjoying your mix of crafting and life posts. I enjoy your way with words!


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