Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pondering how to make home feel like home...

Tomorrow we have a visit from Fletchers with the scope of works for our house
and we find out when we have to pack up and move out.
We will have to find a house for a few months while the repairs are completed here.
It's good, but it's bad if you know what I mean. It's a lot of work.
I have been thinking the last few months about how I am going to make this easier for the 
two younger children. The two older children have been told to go flatting. 
I thought if I put something in each room of our rental (when we find it)
that makes it homely for them. But I didn't want to take junk for no reason,
but I've deliberately been using specific things in our home that we can take with us
while the rest of our stuff is in storage.
This box with the laundry powders can sit on a windowsill in a laundry I'm sure.
It's familiar, they see it many times every day when they wash their hands.

My dear old ironing board which gets such a lot of use can lean against a wall somewhere,
a practical but useful reminder that they are home.

We have a lot of the children's art in the toilet.
Maybe a piece like this of Chrissy's can be propped up on the cistern
where we stay. A wee piece of home to make it homely.

Hopefully there will be somewhere to put a favourite print 
and some flowers in a familiar vase as they enter the house.

Baskets and bunting. Pretty sure we can have some of those too.

Wherever we are, I can put a tablecloth on the table 
and a jug of simple flowers. It's immediately home for us.

Hanging on a door knob probably, Annie's bag for her hairbrush and ties,
it's a simple simple thing, but it's part of our home
and if we take it, it will make where we are homely.

The two green candlesticks will come.
Their cheerful greenness can brighten the space we find ourselves.

A wooden bowl of fruit and a covered dish of baking, yes that's home,
can be transferred anywhere.

And lastly I've deliberately made the children eyecatching quilts
that mark their beds as theirs. I'm sure a stack of vintage pillowcases will help too.

I know that old saying home is where the heart is,
but home is actually where the family is, and I want our little family
to feel safe and secure amongst the reminder that so much changes.

What makes your home feel like home??
What do you do to make it yours and not just anybodies??

We work hard in our home to make it reflect who we are,
messy and chaotic, but also hopefully friendly and welcoming!!


  1. Your home is so welcoming Deb. I can see that where ever you go it will look like your family, with colour & personality. I feel our house is too small to fill with heaps of things. So we keep the more personalised things to the bedrooms, the pictures on the wall, the decorations, books & toys. When it's our turn to move out for repairs, the old faithful toys, blankets & books will come for the kids... But I hadn't thought about the other familiar parts of what makes a house a home! It's such a huge thing we are all having to do at some stage, such an upheaval of life. I'll be there to help you when you need to shift! xxx

  2. I await my turn at this too, although I wouldn't mind waiting at least a month or two since we just moved in.

    I make a house my home by putting things up on the wall EVERYWHERE. I mean, every available hole/nail in the wall, I hang something on it. Quilts and blankets also.
    I hope the process is smooth for you and you find a rental quick smart!

  3. Good luck with the move and repairs. Ours are almost finished now, just 2 things to go, but we've been living here through it.

  4. Big hugs - hope things go as well as possible! x

  5. Wow, that's pretty huge. I LOVE your ideas for making a home-from-home.
    You;re a wonderful "home-maker"

  6. wonderful post, deb! i think that handmade things, vintage things, things with sentimental value make a house a home. cozy and warm. oh and candles! :)


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