Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sometimes I surprise myself...

I've done a lot of sewing this year,
and finished a load of things off. I didn't realise how much till I made a list the other night
and surprised even myself!! I'm not sure if I should post this,
because I really don't want anyone to feel discouraged.
I really do sew for my own mental health, it's been a bit stressful this year
and I've been getting up early most mornings and sewing for an hour before the day starts,
it really does show how a bit of dedicated time will get things done.

I've made six giant 24" cushions and four 18" cushions for our lounge.
Most useful thing I've made this year I think. Used all the time by the kiddies.

Four little quilts for little people. 
Three of these were swaps and one was a commission.

Two giant stars, one for my SIL and one for Miriam (swap for two dresses)

Two St Louis 16 patch quilts, one for Sarah who is going to Africa 
and one for Dee from those of us who love her!

Two raffles quilts, one for Class 5 at Rudolf Steiner School and one for Independence Games.

One quilt refurbished for Cat, one finished off for our Pastor Amy
and one for Sophie.

I think 23 pillowcases. I've got these down to a fine art now!

Embroidered two pairs of shoes for Annie and her friend.

A quilt for Rachel, a quilt for Archie, a quilt bound finally for Liz 
and a bright and cheerful quilt for Cam.

A picnic rug for Helen, a Scrappy Trip-Along quilt for our bed
a wall hanging commisioned (2.8 x 2.2m) and a kantha quilt for the caravan.

Three scrap vomit quilts (I love these, I'm going to make a Christmas one too)

Five hottie covers, finished a vintage sheet quilt, made a Cam doll

and then a bunch of random stuff....

I've knitted two Griffin's, one for Reuben and one for Annie
(and have two more half finished)
I made a pink quilt just because, I made 7 name tags for the bloggy conference
I've made 10 dresses for Annie, 12 drawstring pouches, 6 zipper pouches
a block for Sammy's quilt, a wee mini quilt for Kirsty,
five lavender sachets, embroidered some wee hoops,
mended four pairs of jeans and altered two pairs of curtains.

Please don't hate me. I just plod away getting things done.
Some of these things took no time, some of them were almost done before the year began.
Maybe I'm a bit obsessed, I hate sitting doing nothing.

I think I might go and have a little lie down now!


  1. Holy Moly. There is no way I can get up in the morning to sew. I want to sew more but by the time it gets to night time I am done. And you study too!!!

  2. Huge accomplishment, and inispiring!

  3. How could anyone hate you, ever!! You are an inspiration, utterly utterly utterly!!!

  4. "not all of us can do great things. but we can do small things with great love" Mother Teresa.

    That's a lot of love and beauty you have given others. That amounts to a great (awesome, inspiring, wonderful, ...) thing.

  5. yeah... you're kinda awesome :o) 'Her hands a strong for her tasks'. That wall hanging is incredible I'd like to see a bit more about that please :o) (and you modelling the dresses so I can post them on make my week!)

  6. I love you Deb
    I love my quilt and have spent quite a bit of quiet time snuggled under it .. .. ..

  7. Gosh Deb - you are amazin! To accomplish all these beautiful things, and for them to be helping you along your way.xx

  8. Wow Deb, you're a STAR!!! Could never never hate anyone with such a big heart as you've got!

  9. Fantastic! I'm sure all that sewing did wonders in the stress department! I hope 2013 is just as productive for you. thanks for the encouragement, truly!

  10. morning is my favorite time to sew too. I dont always get the time in but after seeing this i think i will work a little harder at making it happen. I agree thats a lot of love you stitched up there!

  11. I'm inspired by you, particularly your generosity with making things to brighten up the lives of other people. Maybe I should follow your example and do a little every day, rather than procrastinate and get frustrated at the lack of time I get to craft, which is my treat thing I love. Loved looking through your record. Cx

  12. I had to come back and have another look this morning. WOW- I need to get off the computer and onto the sewing machine!!!

  13. You're a legend. Good on you for making the time to do something you love. I could probably achieve more if I got up earlier too.

  14. Geepers! You are a machine! Love your creations, kindness and generosity - and the speed! xx

  15. We are blessed if we have such a passion for creativity. You obviously are blessed ......and you probably don't watch a lot of television, unlike me....
    Well done and may you continue to create. :-)

  16. Omigosh, it's only June!! Shift over, nudge nudge, you've made me tired just reading about it!
    Cheers, Robyn xo

  17. Crikey! You are indeed a busy lady - whether or not some of those were almost done, that is an incredible output! I should plan my time better - it isn't like I don't have time, but Ravelry eats it mostly. BTW, I really, really like the St Louis 16 patch on the right. And one day I am going to make a scrap vomit quilt but currently I have to cut into yardage nor scraps to do one...

  18. Wonderful! I get it, as sewing is a way for me to keep my sanity too. No hating here!

  19. Not Jealous at all, just incredibly inspired and wowed by all that you have accomplished! celebrate! it's awesome :) And I agree, I can't sit still without doing something :))

  20. DEB! AWESOME! Your productivity is inspiring! And I love that you've included other crafts in here, theres knitting and embriodery too! Beautiful.


  21. DEB! AWESOME! Your productivity is inspiring! And I love that you've included other crafts in here, theres knitting and embriodery too! Beautiful.


  22. DEB! AWESOME! Your productivity is inspiring! And I love that you've included other crafts in here, theres knitting and embriodery too! Beautiful.


  23. Just wow! I am SOOOOOOOOO very, very, very impressed!!!!! Well done! That is amazing! I know I always pester you on said you are useless in the do you go to bed at like 9pm? I am currently setting my alarm for 5:30am with the hope to be out of bed by 6am then shower, breakfast, read my Bible. The time FLIES and then by 7am or 7:30am if I am lucky I am zooming through the day busy with the kids. I crash and burn by 8pm and waste all spare minutes on ig as they are literally minutes and it is when I breastfeed. Ugh! I am really impressed and so want to work out how I can be more productive! Deb, you are an INSPIRATION!!!

  24. Gorgeous finishes! Its great that you have documented them. I have been making pillowcases for gifts too. How satisfying they are. I much prefer using them now for my family. It warms my fabric loving heart.


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