Monday, June 10, 2013

The Triangle quilt

This is a quilt for a wee baby that isn't quite born yet.
His mummy commissioned it, having seen some wallpaper that inspired her.

I rummaged about in my stash and found these fabrics
and sewed it together. I absolutely love how it turned out.

I think it is the first time I've made a quilt just using solids
and it has turned out just like we hoped.

I was getting a bit tired at the end of the term,
so I asked Shenleigh to quilt it just to make sure a good job was done
and the little animals look so good on it.

Usually I feel very anxious making things for other people
but this project came together smoothly
and it looks so lovely I will be gobsmacked if the new owner doesn't like it!

Which is a win win really isn't it.

I've made so much stuff this year. I'm thinking about writing a couple of posts
just to remember what I did. Would anybody mind, or would it be ugly bragging??
I just want to keep track and this seems like a good place!!


  1. It's gorgeous! Such a happy quilt. Love the quilted animals.

  2. Such a happy happy quilt that will grow with the baby for a long time to come
    Love the playhouse too

    I'd love to see what you've made so far .. .. ..

  3. I love reading about all your quilts... Bring it on! :) xx

  4. you have a right to brag. Go ahead, I would love to see all your stuff in one post. I love this. I am seriously into solid colour at the moment. The quilt I made for Jakob in solid colours using mens shirts is still my favourite.

  5. This is lovely - such happy colours.

  6. I love this so much! Do collect up and show us what you made so far x

  7. I LOVE seeing what you are up to, post away! I am in love with this quilt and I was even more blown away once I saw those animals quilted in! Very lucky baby!

  8. it is gorgeous! I love how solids can show off patterns and other colours in other fabric. I'm sure Melissa is blown away with it! and go on - show us what you've made! You could even link up ;) your makings are always beautiful x

  9. I absolutely love it! And I'm sure it's exactly what she was wanting. Totally totally gorgeous.
    Yes, write a post because you have made so many, would be good to document it!

  10. Oh my goodness!!!! I Would so buy that, D!! My OCD for straight lines is oozing with admiration right now! Love it!

  11. It will be truly inspiring to see your blog of all your wonderful makes this year and I love the colour combination you have in this quilt - beautiful.

  12. I love it Deb!
    Yes - this is the perfect place to document what you've been doing/making!!xx

  13. I think this is the coolest quilt I've ever seen. I think I've said that about on of your quilts before, so I pretty much just love all of them. I want a single bed sized version of this for Mol! The colours! The animals!!

  14. What a stunning quilt - I love it! It almost makes me what to give quilting a go . . . don't suppose you'd be keen to do that sort of a quilt as a class at Make Cafe?

  15. What a stunning quilt - I love it! It almost makes me what to give quilting a go . . . don't suppose you'd be keen to do that sort of a quilt as a class at Make Cafe?

  16. Reminds me a bit of the new stained glass window in the "Transitional Cathedral" - hope and restoration and new life. Good work.

  17. love all of your quilts! Wish I was that clever! Wish I even owned a quilt as cool as those ones!

  18. This is beautiful, I'm sure the new owner LOVES it :)


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