Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A cycling quilt for Alex....

Our friend Alex is turning 50 today!!
Hurray for Alex, and seeing as he is not having a party,
I decided I needed to make him a quilt.

Alex is a crazy cyclist, but he is more than that,
he's a genuinely great guy to hang around and we enjoy the company of
his family and him. Lots of sitting around talking,
eating and drinking and generally putting the world to rights.

Alex is a real iMan, and so I put this red spot with the sneaky apple in to acknowledge that,
in fact, we can spend a whole afternoon discussing the latest apps we have found!

The red spots on the white background are for the King of the Mountains,
a cycling achievement that the first cyclist up the mountain gets,
and the houses and little creatures just because they are cute really.

And then on the back, a stroke of genius, DONUTS!!!!
for someone who is fussy about his appearance and always keeping fit,
virtual donuts seemed like the best plan in the world.
These donuts contain no nasty fats and can be enjoyed anytime!!

And of course some bicycles, 
because it wouldn't be a quilt for Alex without a bike or two.

It's off to it's new home today,
and I hope that it will keep Alex warm for years to come.

Happy Birthday Alex


  1. Wow, a manly quilt! It's gorgeous, you have such a gift Deb!

  2. So lovely! and I had to search a bit for the apple! Love the Donuts! hmmmn

  3. Love all the thought that you put into your fabric choices. What a great quilt!

  4. Lucky Alex. To be thought about and known, and sewn for- happy 50th! I love you reasons behind all that fabric selection Deb- and the end result is fantasic

  5. Thank you for sharing the story of the quilt - I can just imagine you and he sharing a laugh or two as you take him for a tour around the new quilt - especially over the donuts on the backing!

  6. I love how each fabric has a story behind it xxx


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