Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Christmas Scrap Vomit Quilt....

This year the sewing is all about the process.
Simple, mindless sewing that makes the pieces in your head fall back into place.

Everybody needs to find what works for them I think,
some people run, some people play music, 
bake cakes, plant gardens. 
Some people (so I've been told) find that cleaning and tidying works for them.

I'm not aiming for perfection here,
I'm just aiming to enjoy the mindless piecing together,
and besides, from a distance you don't notice that the seams don't line up perfectly.

There are times to be sure that perfection is required,
and I do that, but on this quilt it is not. Look at this block closely,
ugh what a mess.

I defy you to find it on the quilt when it is put together!!!

See my point?? sometimes you don't have to do it perfect,
you don't have to stress about it, you just have to enjoy the process
and make yourself well as you do it.

What works for you?? I'd love to know,
I'm pretty sure you all have something, whether you are aware of it or not.
Maybe making yourself aware will mean it is more useful for you!!!


  1. It's gorgeous, Deb x
    I cook or bake, and when my mind is really muddled, I declutter.

  2. its amazing!!!
    crafting is my stress reliever. Housework - never.

  3. Mine is crafting or camping and going for a walk (when the kids aren't squabbling though!)

  4. Your 'mindless piecing' is actually an amazing piece of art! It looks stunning, really stunning! What a great thing.

  5. Your quilt looks fab! I know what you mean - strategies for self soothing are so important and being aware of them is useful. Mindless sewing definitely works for me. In times of great stress I must tidy and clean - I'm almost never that stressed!

  6. This is gorgeous as always, so vibrant.
    Mine is playing with paper and losing myself in the design process.

  7. Gorgeous - you are a machine! Mindless anything - crafting, tv, sitting and staring into space... often all three combined...


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