Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Curvy Girl Friday...

I've been meaning to join up with Stella for ages,
but I keep forgetting to ask somebody nice to take some good pictures of me.
Today the very lovely Nin came over and while she was here
I asked her to take some of me!

It's been an intense week on the blog (in a good way)
so here's a bit of colour to end the week!!!

I like colour, I can see no reason why just because it's winter
we can't wear colour. Quite often I notice people looking at me as I walk around at Uni,
but then I realise that I kinda stand out amongst all the dark jeans, hoodies and puffer jackets.

I'm wearing a singlet top from the Warehouse, 
and a cardy from Glassons (I have loads of these)

And I skirt I made from a dress I got from the op-shop.
The top of the dress was awful
but the fabric is lovely, so I just made a simple skirt.

I have coloured tights from the Warehouse,
they don't fit very well so I have to wear suck-it-up undies on the outside,
is that too much information?? it works so well though.

These shoes are great, they keep my feet dry on wet days,
I paid $1 for them from the Sally Army.

My necklace was made by Chrissy and Annie-Rose from Fimo
and my brooch is from Random Little Things.

I think it's sad when bigger girls wear black
because it makes them look "slimmer"
to be honest no amount of no colour is going to make me look any smaller
and I don't really care! I just love to wear colour.


  1. Beautiful deb! I WISH I wore colour like this all the time!! My wardrobe has faaar too much black in it *sigh*

    I'm not really a clothes buyer, so when I do buy a very rare something i usually stick to "safe" colours that wont go out of season. boo!

    and way, YOU LOOK AMAZINGGG!!!! But. How are you not freezing? A singlet top in winter? Brrr! xxx

  2. 1) You are the cutest.
    2) OMG knickers/tights/knickers is the best! So snug!


  3. Oh my gosh, LOVE this outfit!!! The colours are amazing, and the accessories, perfect!!! Hope your week is all up from here, sending lots of love xxx

  4. you always look amazing, but its your heart that shines the most

  5. You look fabulous! I love Colour too :-)

  6. You look lovely. I tend not to wear bright colours, but yellow has made an appearance in my wardrobe of late. I do undies on top to keep tights up and in place. Never worn them any other way. Your colour looks happy and made me smile. Cx

  7. Beautiful! I love all the colour and that skirt is awesome!! great choice to turn it into a skirt.....all that colour and the confidence you walk around in it, makes you stand out in a good way! :)
    Also the little piece of info about the undies at the airport! priceless info for me....I've never looked back :))) hehehe

  8. I love colour too! And I use exactly the same trick with the bloomer undies over my tights. I am always infuriated by "hipster" tights, and long for giant ones that accommodate a generous derriere. Even my huge opaque tights get the knickers over the top to keep them up. So comfy. You look fabulous - keep brightening up these cold days xxx

  9. Deb (and other lovely ladies), how did I not know about the knickers over the tights thing. I've been most uncomfortable most days this winter and I've been buying huge tights. Tomorrow I shall be a new woman. PS. Love that skirt and your style!

  10. I think this is such a happy colourful outfit!
    Good on you.
    I tend to wear black, black and sometimes a bit of grey... soooo boring!! I wish I could get brave and wear lots of colour.
    Go you!

  11. Love all the color. It looks good on you . I love lots of color too.

  12. I love wearing colour too. Rainbow tie dye in summer :-)
    In a Melbourne winter full of black umbrellas and black coats, I was the person with the rainbow umbrella and the pink/red coat.
    You are also having fun with colour in your hair.
    Wear what makes you happy, I say.

  13. You look wonderful Deb! I love colour too, not quite as bright on me, but lots of teal and purple. I believe I have one black skirt, there is a little drab olive too, but mostly purple and teal. Black is not a good colour on me, well, unless I'm going for the zombie look!

  14. I love that you wear colour to brighten winter days and that you are not afraid to hide yourself. Go red, pink and orange look fab

  15. Love your style Mrs! Good to know about the spanks on the outside of the tights - must try that :D

  16. You made me laugh! Never too much information! I wear heaps of colour too and often get looked at!!

  17. Your posts always make me feel good! You are a blessing. Also, you are rocking the orange and pink. If I saw you at Uni., I would want to meet you. Who needs mundane when you can have fabulous?


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