Monday, July 29, 2013

Dealing with Disappointment....

"Life is not fair" the children say, it's true, it often isn't fair is it.
Things don't turn out the way you want them to do they?
You make plans, and you work away, but somehow things don't come together.

Sometimes it's frustrating and you feel like giving up
but sometimes with a wee bit of a tweak you can change the outcome.

For example I cut this quilt out months ago from some lovely lovely fabrics,
and it sat and sat and sat. Waiting.
Finally yesterday Reuben was working on his holiday project
(the day before school went back #parentfail)
and so I thought while I was sitting with him encouraging him,
I would sew the blocks together.

But because Roo was using most of the table and I didn't want to get out the cutting mat,
and because I thought it was going to be ok,
I sewed all of the fabric into strips, only to discover at the end
that they didn't really fit properly.

I have the backing and the binding all ready,
I'm committed to this project. What can I do? I refuse to put it away
because a UFO in the cupboard does not keep anybody warm.

So today I realised I could compromise.
I could sew the strips together that fit
and leave out the few that don't.

The pattern won't look the same as the one I was using,
but it won't matter, because it will be a quilt that keeps you warm.
And that's the important thing.

What are you looking at that isn't working out like you want it to?
Can you compromise and make it work??

Hopefully in a couple of days I can show you a finished quilt top,
one that we will be able to snuggle under!!


  1. Yes sometimes its just a small change that make all the difference to the outcome and a major headache!
    And I would be doing the same parenting fail if they had a holiday project :)) infact I just found some legal documents that I was supposed to send last week....I've just sent them off with some lovely paintings by lil miss on the back!!! #parentfail! ( I can just imagine the lawyers face when they find them! lol )

  2. Life isn't fair. I just remember the words of a wise man and rejoice that life isn't fair, because wouldn't it be horrible if life were fair and the bad things that happen to us were for a reason?
    Three years ago and more I started making Jaybird's hexagon quilt on ORBC. I screwed it up badly (two different size hexagons and trimming the outside edge was going to look odd). I am now at the point where I'm sewing the hexies together again - it took two years of on and off again work to get it mostly together. And then I realised I had trimmed one hex pair unevenly...I'm learning how to applique soon! LOL.

  3. We have been looking for a larger home for almost four years. Waiting to get furniture to fit us until we had a home that it fit in. We made ourselves miserable letting everything wait until we had "the House". Finally, over the last year, we started making the changes we wanted to our house even though we might turn around and sell it. Just this week we decided to go ahead and take advantage of an incredible deal on furniture even though it is going to be tight in our current house. I realized that I only have today to make a home for my family. Learning to love and be content with what The Lord has blessed me with!!!

  4. Oh my gosh wise lady, I love this post. No wait, I love your blog and your voice and the way you write from the heart.

    Yup, life is not fair and expecting it to be fair because we are fair is a no brainer. I saw a quote on fb posted by vicki saying

    "expecting life to be fair because you are fair is like expecting the lion not eat you because you didn't eat it."

    It was so true and it really sunk in deep.

    Thanks for sharing (again) xxx


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