Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do you ever feel like you are walking through deep sand?

You know, that feeling where you take one step forward and then slide back a little.

Every step, a huge huge effort,
and there is so much sand that you just can't see any way to make it better??

I'm pretty sure most of us feel like that at some point.

It's hard not to feel bogged down, especially if you loose control of your situation
and feel at the mercy of those "in charge" 
which in the case of more than half of us in Christchurch still,
is the Earthquake Commission (EQC) and Fletchers (EQR).

Our name has come up, and once again we have had our house inspected, 
and EQC and Fletchers have agreed on a plan for the repair strategy for our house,
so this semester in addition to running the house and mothering the children,
and doing uni, I have to pack up our entire house into boxes to be put into storage somewhere
and also find accommodation for all six of us plus our two dogs and two cats.
Then we have to live for maybe 8 weeks and then move back and unpack it all
all the while going to school, running a business and doing assignments.

It will also be spring, so I have to pack both winter and spring clothes
and try and remember every little thing the family will need 
while we are re-homed somewhere else.

The older children are trying to move into flats,
and the younger children are worrying about their things.
Every time Annie sees you put something away she says,
"Are we going right now??"

I've become addicted to making these scrap vomit quilts.
I love how you put all the fabrics in a pile and cut them up and sew them back together again.
But when you do, a little bit of magic happens and you don't know how it will turn out
until all of the blocks are finally sewn together.

Sometimes along the way, you really don't think it's going to work,
or you really hate the way it looks,
but suddenly it is done and you stand back and look,
and it is amazing. Different to how you imagined, but just fine anyhow.

I'm really hoping the next six months are going to look like that to us
when we stand at Christmas and look back at them.

I just have to have faith in the process.


  1. I understand ya! We are in the middle of that its exhausting!!! Waiting for it all to be over and never having to hear/deal with eqc/flethers/cntractors/assessors/ southern response/ insurance and the phone calls, the emails, the letters and frustration!!

  2. I do understand that feeling but not what you are going through. The bogged down overwhelmed thinking something is going to snap if you don't just get over yourself and ask for help feeling! But I did it and I LOVE you xxx and Thank you xxx
    Big huge love to you and the hubby and the kids and all of Christchurch

  3. Snap Deb, we are at the same stage. They start here Sept 2 and finished December 20 -- 16 weeks, finishing right on Christmas. The only thing I am thinking is looking forward to the end of it all and maybe a piece of normality being placed back into the jigsaw puzzle of many missing pieces.

  4. How hard it is to live your life in a state of flux. Many of my friends were at a conference in Christchurch at that time but we can put it behind us.
    I so wish I could lighten your load.

  5. i can not imagine how hard this is for all of you right now. i wish that the time will go quickly for you.

  6. We as you know have recently had our place finished, the house part at least. Garage and driveway are still to be done. It feels great knowing it's done, but we have found that after it all we're both exhausted!
    Be kind to yourselves and allow time out. With living here during it I didn't get the time out, was too busy painting and working and I've paid the price for that.
    Just starting to pick up a bit now.

  7. Such an upheaval for you all! I'm sure you'll look back and be amazed of how you did it all....and you will :))
    I'm and the end of our upheaval, and its gone by in a blur....can't believe that its been 18months two weeks, the business and factory should be sold and Mike here permanently....then we will be starting a whole new adventure....until then my heart is in my mouth x

  8. Your quilts are gorgeous and I love that they weave a story. Virtual hugs while you sort and pack.

  9. Praying for you. I will keep your family on that prayer list until further notice.



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