Monday, July 1, 2013

Mummy knits a hat...

Sometimes everything just comes together at the right time,
last week I saw Honeycakes Knitting Patterns profiled on Felt
and fell in love with this hat and brought the pattern.

And then I was sorting out my wool basket and found a tin
with a scarf I'd started to crochet with some lovely wool my sister had given me.
I frogged the scarf and there was the wool for the hat.

Then I was just feeling so tired and worn out on the weekend,
so I made up my mind to take time for some rest,
and spent all the spare time in the weekend knitting, knitting knitting.

I'm not very fast, but by Sunday night we had a new hat.
It's the snuggliest, cutest hat you ever did see.

I totally totally love it.

The pattern was easy to follow and simple to make.


  1. not very fast?
    A whole hat in a weekend????
    You are amazing Deb. I'll say it again and again.
    The hat is GORGEOUS! I want a hat like that! She looks adorable.

  2. That last picture is so sweet! Good work, it looks great!!

  3. Compared to me you are very fast. Beautiful had. Gorgeous girl. Cx

  4. love the hat. I'm not surprised that you are exhausted. How you fit in life and three varsity papers I do not know

  5. I so would not be pouting if I had a great hat like that one!
    Hmm, maybe I have another use for some of my handspun...

  6. that is a darling hat - have made one similar, out of similarly something I frogged - not as pretty as Miss A-R's, though!


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