Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Life in My Bag...

Ecostore are running a thingee called My Life in a Bag
and seeing as I feel like I do carry my life in my bag,
I thought I would join in. The bag I'm using at the moment is a Freeset bag
with a nice long handle which goes over my head and crosses my body.

Here's the contents of it, the only thing that is missing
is my drink bottle, and my knitting; both of which I usually carry about.
Right let's have a closer look....

There's my study stuff. That book on the Treaty is enormous.
Then there are two notebooks, and my tablet in a cool case.
There is a wee container of nuts for emergencies and some plastic cutlery
for when I take food.

Then there is my mum stuff: some hand creme, some coloured pencils
two packets of tissues, a lolly pop (and some used tabs) 
also a bag of chocolate covered raisins for bribery purposes.

For emergencies: hand gel, two types of painkillers, chewing gum and lipstick
all fitting in a zipper bag made from a partially finished tapestry I found at the opshop.

Girlie stuff and lip balm and another lipstick in a zipper pouch
I brought from Tiny Happy years ago.
Why do I carry lipstick when I hardly ever wear it?? deluded.

Random stuff: a newsletter, a thank you card, some cash,
some stamps, my wallet, my phone, my pen and a knitting needle gauge,
because of course you need one of those with you.

What a lot of stuff, no wonder it feels heavy!!

What do you have in your bag??


  1. Love it! I ALWAYS have so much stuff in mine, too - all very useful, although I have the lurking lip glossy stuff I almost NEVER apply, too! Wx

  2. I am really absent from your blog these days. Weather is so hot here in France !!! I love this post,maybe i will show mine also.....

  3. i love seeing all of your things - the packaging, labels, money, etc is all different from mine the us. so neat to see all the differences! :) hope you get your key necklace soon. it should arrive shortly!! :)


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