Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We found a dolly who waited a long time for some love...

This little doll must have been waiting for a long time for someone to love her.
She was at the op-shop for $3 and came with a dress that you could make up,
I thought it would be great for Annie.

To be sure the dress was a little bit over the top!
Oh my goodness, the frills, the bows, ewwwww.

But Annie and I made a wee skirt using the panel.

And had a go at a Peasant Dress (needs a bit more work)
oh and I made her some leggings from an old pair of Annie's.

She's a super cute dolly made from linen I think,
with lovely hair and a beautiful painted face. Annie called her "Poppy".

Poppy is just beautifully made even with wee shoes.

Annie got tired of the doll making process quickly
but she was very pleased when the doll got new clothes.

Here she is all dressed up and ready to play!
Definitely worth $3.
And I notice she sleeps with Annie every night.


  1. I love kits like this! You've done a great job giving this little doll a new life :)

  2. What a cute doll, can you take me op shopping you seem to go to really cool ones :)

  3. Love it when that happens!!! It was just meant to be....bliss.

  4. Oh how exciteing.....Super cute dolly.

  5. So cute and so good to sew a bit together with Annie, does not matter that she could finish it.

  6. She is gorgeous Deb! And the clothes you made are incomparable to the horror of that princess frill dress!

  7. Your opshops down there are awesome!! This is such a great find and I love the face, and what you made for sweet!

  8. that is so cute, deb! you did a fantastic job!!


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