Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wear the socks of a leader....

Today is Red Socks Day.
I know this because my mum brought the youngest grandchildren
red socks from the Sir Peter Blake Trust.

Today I gave Annie and Reuben their socks
and told them the story of a brave man who sailed little boats around the world
and one day was killed by real pirates.

They were impressed I think.

I want to grow leaders in my house so I am interested in this scheme.
Growing leaders is hard, growing leaders is not glamourous,
and sadly, you have no control on the outcome, sigh.

I'm trying to learn from my mistakes and work out what we could do better with these children;
not that the others turned out bad, far from it,
but their paths could have been smoother!

Growing leaders is a bit like putting on a pair of red socks.
It is first and foremost a declaration that this is what we are doing,
its a challenge to the universe, we are leaders in this house.

I often used to say to Chrissy and James,
you are different, you are going to do great things.

And they have. They are wonderful loyal friends.
They can cook, clean and look after themselves.
They can get up day after day and go to work and come home and pay board.
They are kind and caring and will put themselves out to help someone they love.

They are leaders in my book,
and they are still so young, many challenges ahead of them
and I have faith they will lead the way through those too.

Growing leaders is about being faithful in the small things.
When you are four, this means putting your pjs under your pillow
and finding your own boots.
It is about not answering back when given an instruction
and about learning to act with grace to someone who is not coping beside you.

Being a leader in middle school is about turning up on time,
with a lunch you packed yourself wearing a jacket you remembered to take.
It's about recognizing that someone who is being nasty to you
might have had a bad day. Their mum might have yelled at them in the morning,
it happens! They just might need some kindness.

The Sir Peter Blake trust says: "DARE, DREAM, DO!" 
talked about turning your dream into a reality.

I say if you get up every morning and faithfully do the little things right,
then bigger things will be accomplished too.

So wear your red socks today and remember that great things
are achieved with very very small steps.


  1. I needed this today - the reminder that teaching our little ones to be faithful in the small things grows them into the kind of adults we want them to be. You're right - it's not easy! Your pearls of wisdom are always welcome and refreshing. x

  2. The little things - grace, kindness, caring, consideration so basic and makes such a difference. Love this post xx

  3. Such great things to teach our children....and I would love for Mike to sign write that saying.."take care of the little things and the big things take care of themselves" Something all our kids and ourselves could do with as a visual reminder :))


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