Friday, July 19, 2013

Wet Wool Felting (school holiday fun)

Here we are at the half-way point of the school holidays already.
I won't lie, it hasn't been easy balancing a sick kidlet,
full-time study and the school holidays.

In fact if I didn't have my good friend Ruth and a supportive other-half,
I absolutely couldn't do it.

We did have one lovely morning felting wool.
I had brought some colours a few years ago but had no luck with it.
 I recently spent a couple of hours at Annie's Steiner kindergarten
learning how to do it, so when I saw some natural wool at the opshop
I snapped it up and dug the colours out from their hiding place.

We found some bubble wrap in the office and with a few towels on the table,
we were away. It would have been easier if we had a piece of tulle for the top
but we managed to make do.

It's a perfect winter activity, with the nice wool
and warm water and soap. I must remember to buy some lux flakes
they would make gentler on the hands bubbles.

Reuben and his friend Max really enjoyed it.
Reuben made a flag and Max made a couple of pieces.

I firmly believe that children love being creative,
whether they are boys or girls, it really doesn't matter.
If they are actually making something (as opposed to silly colouring in or stickers)
they will really enjoy the process.

The boys LOVED the colours, so I'm haunting Trademe to find another bundle.
It was awesome to see how they put them together.

The brown wool was not a refined as the other wools and felted up quick smart.
We had a tiny pumpkin that Grandma grew and felted the wool over that.
The little kids had a go at this and with a little help from us,
it was done in no time. Then we cut a hole in the top and pulled out the pumpkin
and it made a cute little basket.

This was super fun, and just in case you want to try it,
I pinned a few tutorials on Pinterest.


  1. Some boys really really like making things. Every fortnight I go to a craft night at a community centre and two or three of the boys who drop in (who are at that awkward age of 12-13) who try to act really tough and cool and have COOL hair have been loving making bars of soap from melt and pour stuff. Colours, flowers, scent, everything. I'm thinking of taking along some beads and jewellery making doodads, see what they think of them.

  2. Oh Lovely Deb. My youngest attends a steiner playgroup and I have offered to make a birthday crown, wet felt style with no wet felting experience. Hopefully you tube may be of some assistance for me.

  3. Deb, do you use the same wool for wet as for dry needle felting? I have a bag of supplies I really didnt enjoy using (I can admit when a craft fails me- crochet is the other one) I'm happy to post it off to you? I've been holding onto it hoping to find someone that would want it! Email me your address at

  4. I remember making recycled paper with imprints of shells and things and thought it was the coolest thing ever! This looks fun too!

  5. love this - do link in to BMWB if you want to x


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