Monday, July 29, 2013

What love looks like in our house...

Poor Annie was sick almost the whole holidays.
She had the worst cold, head aches, body aches and sore ears.
She really was miserable.

In our house when you are sick I build you a nest on the sofa
or the floor with cushions and blankets and you lie in there
and I bring you food and drink at regular intervals.
TV watching is usually included in this.

It's called "being mummied" as in "will you mummy me?"
which is what the kids say.

I hope that when the kids have left home that when they put the quilts I've made on their beds
or snuggle up under them on their sofas in their flats,
that they feel the love that I have for them,
that they feel protected and cared for where ever they are.

I'm not really the kind of mum who knows the right things to say,
I always think of those things after,
but I really hope that they feel loved by the things that I do for them.

Even the dolls have snuggly beds in this house!


  1. would love to to link this and the wool felting into BMWB, if you want to :o)
    How could yours kids not know you love them Deb. You are a woman full of love xxx

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  3. I want to come and be sick at your house! A nest in the lounge! If it wasn't for the fact your poor girl was so sick I'd be jealous! Hope she's all better xxx

  4. This is lovely Deb!

    p.s We have the same Panda! It's Theo's favourite x

  5. Oh Deb, I think you are for me the mummy that says the right things and do the right things, of course not always . When I read your post I can feel Your love for your family and you are an intelligent woman and that is the problem with intelligent people, they are always thinking about he things they do and say!!!!!

  6. I do nests too! And the kids just adore them. They are the most comforting places to be when under the weather x


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