Monday, July 1, 2013

Winter: a time for reflection, reassessing and planning....

Today we have had an unseasonably fine day,
the norwest wind has blown warm and the sun has been shining.
It's amazing and hints of spring, except it is not spring yet,
there is more cold weather and hard times to come.

We are not actually ready for spring yet,
our bodies are tired and we need more sleep. 
We need to snuggle under quilts in the evenings and watch movies or rubbish tv.
We need to sit inside on the weekends and watch the clouds rush by.

For years I fought against winter, wishing it past,
moaning and groaning about the cold and the constant grey misery.
But over the last few years I've began to make my peace with winter
and worked out strategies to deal with it.

Fresh bright oranges, candles, tidy warm spaces
and healthy hot food. Simple fun family outings.

Easy, fun, enjoyable activities that help everyone enjoy the season.
That's not to say we won't get sick of it,
but we are learning to enjoy the change of pace and the slower times.

I think winter is a good time to sort out your priorities too,
to work out what is working and what is not.

I visited a friend this afternoon who was looking at her life
and had realised that it wasn't going as smoothly as she need it to,
sometimes it is hard to notice when you are rushing about
doing summer activities (as fun as they might be)
but the winter is a good time to make changes,
to make plans and to get advice.

It's a good time to get a strategy and figure out the way forward,
to rest up and work out the best way to fight the next battle.

The winter season is not actually something to endure
but a season of quiet to enjoy.


  1. great post Deb, rrally love this! xx

  2. I like this. Winter often seems loooooong, particularly with preschoolers! It's good to deliberately slow down. x

  3. I loved this post! Great photos too. :0)

  4. couldn't have described it better! thanks :) Wendy xx


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