Tuesday, August 6, 2013

13 Reasons to enjoy parenting your preschooler....

Fact: parenting is hard work, it's tiring and a lot of the time it seems relentless and thankless.
Fact: a lot of people tell you to enjoy the younger years because it is gone in a flash.
Fact: you cannot believe this because each day drags out like the one before.

What I actually think that the dear little old lady (or interfering biddy) is saying is this:

1. You can solve the problems of a preschooler
2. The child believes you have all the answers to all the problems.
3. The child believes the answers you tell them.

4. A cuddle from mummy will fix most things.
5. A cookie and a glass of water will fix most of the rest.
6. The things that mummy can't fix, the child probably won't worry about
(as long as mummy doesn't worry about them too).

7. Most days the worst that can go wrong is a terrible mess is created.
8. Most messes can be tidied by bedtime.

9. You decide when bedtime is and the child doesn't leave the house after this.
 (You don't have to lie awake wondering when they will return.)

10. You pretty much decide what goes in the child's mouth or body or what they inhale
and you get to control this (unless they are a boy)

11. A 50c tin will hold pretty much all their treasures. Their needs are actually small.

12. You can let them choose whatever they want at the opshop or $2 store
and your child thinks you can provide the world.

13. Your preschooler will one day go to school and as they get older the things you
worry about now will change.

Parenting older kids has it's challenges. Your heart gets broken in 1000 different ways.
It's not all bad, but it's not all good either.

Try and enjoy your little ones because this is the time you are the centre of their world. 
Try and enjoy this. The days are long but the years are short.


  1. The days are long and the years are short - love love that saying and the truth it holds. I am desperate not to let daily life and chores get in the way of enjoying my little ones but all too often it does. Love this x

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  3. Love it, love it, love it. I only have 6 months of pre-schooler parenting left and intend to make the most of the long days.

  4. Gosh I think I needed to read this today thanks for sharing :) x

  5. So so great! Thank you Deb xx

  6. So true. Thank you. The years are short. I'm grateful to have appreciated this finally, so I can enjoy these pre-school years with my no. 4 for what they are, rather that stressing and feeling bogged down most of the time, as I did with my older 3. We are all in a different phase of life, but so grateful to have a pre-schooler to still enjoy for a while. Cx

  7. I love this. My oldest is 3.5 years and my youngest is 7 months. I wish I could make time stand still as we are right now. Thank you for posting this :)

  8. thanks for linking in ;-) love your wisdom and friendship xxx

  9. Thanks for this post....I have a 22 month old and he sure stretches me at times! Good to hear the wisdom of those who have been before :-)

  10. My son is soon to be 18 and everyday I have to remind myself that he is not a child anymore. Bedtime is especially hard because up until now he had a bedtime. Now I just tell him to not stay up to late. He does anyway.

  11. Oh yes! All so true. They do say "little kids, little problems / big kids, big problems" and I think that's very true to some extent. I must say, though, that the physical exhaustion of those early years is something else entirely!!! x

  12. Love this - especially the last line - "the days are long, but the years are short".


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