Thursday, August 15, 2013

a lesson from a concert...

Yesterday was one of those Busy Days.
We rushed home to cook and eat dinner.

We flung on our good clothes in about 8 minutes
and rushed off to school for the Gala performance of years 3-6.

When we got there it was chaos everywhere,
clearly we were not the only ones running late.

It was noise and rushing and kids scattering here and there
in full excitement. As they do.

Soon they were all up the front, tuning their instruments
and last minute practicing. Every kid doing something different.
What a commotion. As David says, like a hound dog tearing up a pea patch.

Then a moment of silence, all the tired parents took a deep breath
and steeled themselves for what was ahead.

At a signal, it began. But what a surprise.
All the instruments playing in unison. It was beautiful. It was breathtaking.
It was truly awesome.

It didn't matter if they were really really good, or really really bad,
if they practiced heaps, or hardly at all...
when they played together it was absolutely beautiful.

All the beautiful children at their sweetest and best.

This was exactly what we needed at the end of the day.


  1. OH - that sounds lovely - can't wait to appreciate one of those beautiful events :)

  2. Love this!!
    (i learnt violin for a year amongst other instuments)and remember these sort of events well!x

  3. LOL - I love your honesty. You were waiting for it to sound like a whole pile of cats were yowling, and the kids made music instead. Well done them and I'm glad you had an enjoyable time!
    (DH used to play with a church "orchestra" - some of them were not very good and it often was not musical...)

  4. Ah bless!

    ... and why are so many events scheduled at times that fate families to run late???


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