Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Little Bellies Picnic [and giveaway]

I spent most of the wet cold weekend spent knitting by the fire, resting and relaxing.
This afternoon I remembered a parcel of goodies I had been sent from Little Bellies
and I decided that Annie and I would have a tea party.

We had some breadsticks, some wee museli bars and some gingerbread bears.
Then we got a beautiful china tea pot and cups out of the cupboard
and filled our teapot with water.

Our favourites were the gingerbread men (surprise! surprise!)
they are just right for a little palate, not too gingery, just right.

I really like that the products were not too strongly flavoured,
and the texture was just right for little people too.

This is what Little Bellies say about their products...
  • Little Bellies believes that a healthy little belly feeds a healthy little mind.
  • Their aim is to develop children's foods that are not overly sweet, with no refined sugars and reduced sodium content.
  • They use nutritionally superior ingredients such as organic whole grains and real fruit, with as little processing as possible.

I like that they are organic and dairy free,
I like that they are specifically designed for little people to eat.

When Chrissy was little she was dairy free for years,
I would have loved these great products to feed her.
I mean in an ideal world we would all make from scratch everything our child eats,
but honestly, a wee packet of something in your glovebox
or your handbag is a god-send for days when things don't go to plan,
I think I could sneak these breadsticks even in a Steiner lunchbox which is fantastic!

Available in New Zealand from Countdown supermarkets and from Three Fountains
I'll definitely be buying some to have in the cupboard!

Or leave a comment below and I'll pick a winner for this lovely pack next Sunday....

Edit: Some products do have dairy products, check the label.


  1. Maybe you don't want to mail to the US, but my daughter would love these for her 2 year old. She doesn't give him any processed food, and buys organic whenever possible. Love your photos with your picnic quilt and the pillows in the background!

  2. yes please :o) I'm with you there are days (usually grocery day) that the handmade cupboards are bare and finally low sugar and salt for snacks. Whoot :o)

  3. I'm like Mother Hubbard but not. Everytime I go to my cupboard it looks bare. In fact it has lots of things to make something with but not the instant snack that I'm sometimes after for my children. I've a dairy free girl who'd love to try these.

  4. I'll have to have a look for those at the supermarket, I'm a fan of having something in my bag for those unexpected moments.

  5. How cute is that tea party!!!!! Very cool :D

  6. I'd love to be in to win, finding nice and healthy in the same box (without having to bake) would be wonderful!

  7. I would love to win this prize pack- my two sons seem to constantly raid the pantry and I would appreciate them having some variety and healthy options.

  8. I haven't seen these ones before - may as well be in to win!!! :0) Thanks

  9. They look very yummy, bet the small boy would love the gingerbread men too (and me). Might have to go to countdown to find some.

  10. What a lovely tea party. The children would have loved it. Would love to try the product - sometimes the home baking just runs out...

  11. These would make the kindy snack box much more exciting! Cute tea party xx


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