Saturday, August 10, 2013

Annie's Room

Sometime in the next few weeks (we hope) we will get the go ahead for the repairs
on our house. We thought they were all go, but there's been a few holdups.

I love our home, all it's eclectic mish mash, and I thought I'd post a few pics
before we have to pack everything up.

Annie's room is my favourite. It's full of colour and life.
Bits and pieces from here there and everywhere
and lots of handmade goodness too.

Annie and Reuben love quilts and would keep each and every one of them if they could.
Sometimes the tops get auditioned on their beds even before they get quilted.

I really like how Annie uses her room.
She likes to spend some time in there, reading.
She loves to be cosy. The more quilts and pillows the better.

We bought this wee chair new for her. It just suits her room so well.

But everything else has a story to tell.
Preloved, worn but with plenty of life for a little girl who loves colour.
(This is Chrissy's quilt, she borrowed it when Chrissy moved out of her room)

She shared with Chrissy for quite a while and loved having her big sis around.
She misses her a lot now that Chrissy has flown the nest.

Even the toys have to be cosy according to Chrissy.

Isn't this such a lovely room??

I must tidy another one so I can take pictures.
These all are ones I already had, I can't help taking pictures of this room!!!


  1. Annie's room is very that little chair and all the loved quilts!

  2. What a nice cozy place to be. So much colour!

  3. I would have adored a room like this when I was cosy and inviting! I can't wait for my lil girl to have a room of her own....sharing with her brothers in a tiny room doesn't give us much room for her......we both are going to appreciate it that much better when we get it! Good luck with the move and renos :)) x

  4. I love her room!!
    The shelf above her bed is gorgeous!x

  5. Ummm just wondering can I move into Annies room ?? Do you think she would mind ??

    And was that a Christmas scrap vomit I spied?

  6. It's beautiful. I LOVE that bed of hers... perfect with your gorgeous quilts. It speaks to me of country life... (and effortless loveliness)

  7. So much hand made goodness. A beautiful and enchanting space indeed.


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