Sunday, August 25, 2013

Families weekends...

Weekends are the best aren't they!
Eating outside in the Spring sunshine

Cuddling up in a nest on the floor watching a movie

Sewing, tidying, sorting. 
I made a hottie cover from Annie's favourite tshirt
and I used the left overs of my precious Prints Charming fabric
and made a wee top and backed it with Annie's favourite old blanket.

Piles of quilts here and there reminding us it's still winter really
in spite of all the amazing sun.

Much early morning sewing sewing sewing on a customer scrap vomit.
I'm on the home stretch with this one and waiting for the next one to arrive!
It might be the last for a while. I might be scrap vomitted out.

Hope you had a good weekend too.


  1. I am grateful for scrap vomit !! !! !!
    And those toes are totally gorgeous

  2. Wow and this has been your week off. You seem to be even busier!!

  3. Chilled yet productive family weekends are the best x

  4. Scrap vomit?

    I'm behind on my blog reading... off to catch up more now to see if I can work out why you'd be scrap vomitted out???

    ... not a lot of sunshine in my neck of the world just now. No complaints. There'll be loads in no time at all (although it would be nice to be able to dry a load or two of washing without constantly looking out the window at the clouds!)


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