Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Getting a bit done at a time....

Today Annie had a play date with Isla.
These two play so nicely together and chat away nineteen to the dozen,
so while they played in the sunshine in the living room,
I sewed like a maniac.

I kept getting Annie to try dresses on for length and so on,
and at one point I asked Isla how a dress looked,
"it's too pink on her, you should give it to me," she said. Funny child.

I'm so glad I had taken the time to cut out a whole lot of things on Monday,
it was all ready for me to go. 
I sewed three dresses, a skirt (for Isla) two pairs of knit shorts,
a pair of normal shorts, and two pairs of pyjamas.
It was awesome.

I made the pinafore from a piece of fabric I got at the opshop for a $1.
It's the same one I've been making for Annie for ages.
I took the original off one I brought at the opshop for $2 and as she grows
I've just make the pattern bigger and bigger. I put a nice big pocket on the front.

I made the wrap dress again from Melissa's book. I LOVE this book.
I got the fabric from the opshop for $1 and found the binding in my stash.

I made this dress from a pattern off the internet. 
I know I paid for it, maybe $7 but honestly this is the sixth time I've used it,
so I'm happy. The fabric from Trademe.

I still have the Sunday Best Dress from Melissa's book cut out to do
and I need to find some more old tshirts to make Annie more knit shorts
to go under her shorter dresses. Oh and I'm going to raid my friend's stash
and make her a few tshirts. I used a good pattern, I'll blog it another time.

A summer wardrobe for next to nothing,
just a bit of hard work. Win!!


  1. Far out that is a lot!! Cutting out first makes such a big difference

  2. Ah you are a total inspiration woman xx

  3. I'm in awe with how much you achieved! Such pretty dresses. Cx

  4. AWESOME! What a satisfying feeling!

  5. When in the mood hey? You've inspired me to come home and cut out stuff, and its been a good couple of weeks since I've had that type of get up and go in the evenings. Thank you...y'know - for everything!

  6. What beautiful happy clothes for Annie! YoU are a star. Xx

  7. Gorgeous. Whimsical. Beautiful. Special.

  8. Awesome! I love a result like rewarding too :)) A lovely bunch of cute dresses!

  9. Wow - I love everything you've made!! I wish I could make clothes!x

  10. Totally full of win! I wish I was as easy to dress :-)

  11. Love love love. Little girls dressed are the best x

  12. Win indeed. Love love love that dress - fabric and style - in the last photo.

    You really are a time management super hero!!!


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