Tuesday, August 20, 2013

He washed my eyes with tear that I might see...

This week it is a year since this happened.
A year is such a short time for hearts to heal.
I've had the privilege this year to have as my good friend
someone who sent their husband off to Afghanistan and knows the pain
of waiting for that phone call.

It is impossible for us to imagine, who have not done this,
what it feels like to send away someone you love,
and let them go willingly but not know if they will come back safely.

To those of us on the outside, the soldiers seem like individual pieces
playing their part in some mysterious scheme.

But to those who know, this is their family.
Each and every one who wears the uniform, are flesh and blood.
They laugh and cry together and are bound forever.

For them the poppy is not just another flower
but a symbol of those family bonds.

This week I took an old army blanket, 
which has kept many a soldier warm, infused with memories,
 and made my friend a bag with poppy flowers
to remind her when she feels alone,
she is part of the big, warm, messy family that have her back.

I stitched some green stems on her black skirt
and cut some felt poppies. She is going to sew black buttons on the poppies
and wear it with pride at a service on Saturday.

Standing not as an individual,
but as a tiny part of the whole.
Each one playing their part valiantly. 

We will remember.


  1. beautiful, <3 i just love you for all you have done not this week but since you took that first step and said "do you feel old". xoxoxo glad you did

  2. That is so lovely Deb :)
    When living in Waiouru Army Camp, I got to see this first hand....I have alot of admiration for those families. x

  3. What a lovely gift. You are a great friend.
    So tragic.

  4. What a beautiful beautiful kind thing to do Deb
    I have so much admiration and respect for you Deb
    Love you xxx

  5. So beautiful and thought provoking as always.

  6. Deb,

    I want to thank you for honoring your friend as such! you see I too know what she is going through every. single. time. We have weathered 5 deployments... some less fraught with peril than others... some where he kept certain incidents from me until he was safe at home. So thank you! You are a dear sweet caring lady who is truly a blessing to all whom she comes in contact with...

  7. Wow - the sentiment is amazing and the crafting is fantastic. What a great idea putting that decoration on a bag and skirt

  8. Beautiful Deb, just beautiful- both the sentiment and the sewing.

  9. It must be one of the hardest things to do, farewell loved ones off to the unknown. Beautiful stitches for a beautiful cause xx

  10. Unimaginable :(. Lovely words and gestures - big hugs to you all xx

  11. It is the small things like this and life long friendships that mean the most. I have sent my man off to war. He has been shot at from the other side, from people they thought they were training for good and a bolt from the sky. I am lucky to have him home with me and that he is still able to go on living a working a normal life. For so many, this is not so.
    What a beautiful bag from a beautiful friend.

  12. What a wonderful gift of friendship

  13. Your heart is made of pure gold Deb. Such a lovely lovely friend. Such a lovely person. A treasure. It is an honour to 'know' you and read this blog.


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