Monday, August 5, 2013

In which I make a boo boo but it turns out ok...

Yesterday afternoon while chatting to Nin I trimmed the strips for the B blocks
for the old fashioned floral scrap quilt I was making.
(I also wrote the study cards for my Treaty paper, and Nin was crocheting)
All the neat little piles were waiting for me this morning when I got up at six
and I put on a load of washing, filled the fire with pellets,
made a cuppa and sat down to sew a few together.

I sewed the first block and as soon as I turned it over to look at it,
I realised that I had made a mistake. A big mistake.
I usually make my squares 2 1/5" but this quilt was supposed to be 3".
I had trimmed them 1/2 an inch too short.
I couldn't believe my eyes.

What could I do? It was not fixable.
I raged at myself for a minute or two
and then set to and sewed all the A blocks together.

It's going to be a quilt. It will keep someone warm
and it will be very pretty into the bargain.
It's not how I planned for it to be, but it will be fine.
When I give it to someone, they will be pleased as punch
and they will not say, but there is supposed to be 13 more blocks will they!!

I just have to rustle up a couple more rows for the bottom
which I was going to do with the left-overs from the B blocks,
but I can do that. It will be fine.

A bit like life right now actually,
not running the way we planned, but it's going to turn out fine!


  1. Love how you always link these things and life stories together and the photo's that accompany it! Someone will love it that's for certain - at the end of the day it's usually only us who notice or know about the "mistakes" isn't it. As always, love your work Deb x

  2. Very cool. Good job making it work :D

  3. It's a lovely quilt and someone will be very happy with it.

  4. Ha! I just put a cake in the oven (for Aaron to bring down to YOU tomorrow!) and I put in 2 cups of the liquid instead of 1 and it is I hope you love it!!! ;-) big love xoxo

  5. It is a gorgeous quilt Deb. yay you for pressing on.

  6. Gah - I talked too much and distracted you!!


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