Monday, August 19, 2013

It's a rainbow day today...

Today in New Zealand the first gay and lesbian couples were able to get legally married.
What a special day! It's so awesome that people who love each other can 
commit to loving each other till death us do part!

It makes me sad that so many people felt the need to say hurtful
and judgmental things about loving relationships,
what ever you believe, there is really no justification for so many hard words.

I guess in a few years it will not seem like such a big deal,
it will be hard to remember it ever being so,
but it is a big deal, it's making a whole sector of our community feel included.

It's a rainbow day today, a day when no matter what colour or flavour you are,
you can be included here in New Zealand.

I hope that it makes for stronger, more committed families.
A strong family helps to build a strong community,
and that's what we all need.


  1. Love this, Deb! The words, and the colours xx

  2. Thank you for this post - I am staggered by some people and their hate... You are obviously a TRUE Christian.
    I am so proud to be a NZer today!
    Happy Days!

  3. LOVE this post and LOVE you for your big open heart that accepts one and all

  4. It's so great isn't it?! Yay for the NZ politicians who made it possible :)

  5. You are true, and you are brave. Good on you Deb babe xxx

  6. Lovely words! Thank you. My daughter and her girlfriend are getting married here (in Canada) this weekend. Bless your politicians, bless you for your acceptance!

  7. Well done NZ. Love your rainbow colours too!!!

  8. It was lovely to see all those couples finally being able to formalise their love in the eyes of eachother, society and God.

  9. Yeah..NZ leading the way! Thanks for your post.

  10. Hooray! And Aussies are flying across to get married even if it isn't recognised in Oz (yet - we are working on it). Good on ya, NZ! And I'm glad you are so happy too :-)

  11. Hear hear!! So awesome to be able to see history in the is truly wonderful :)

  12. Smiled all the way through this post, love you Deb!!!


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