Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just a minute...

Sometimes life is full of exciting adventures,
but more often than not it is full of busyness and to-do lists.
More often than not, it is important to just take a minute and enjoy the everyday things,
like noticing the sheets hanging on the line in the sunshine.

Or spring flowers in the garden releasing their perfume.
Just standing there, breathing it in for a moment, makes you feel better.

Or find a way to help someone else fullfil their dream,
even if it's just taking a moment to tear a piece of paper from your notebook for a robot drawing.

I love to see my faithful sewing machine waiting for me
and a basket with a project all ready to go.
Next time theres a spare moment, I'm on to it!

Today I'm writing the last essay for the term,
I'm tired and my eyes feel like there is sand in them.
But a hot cup of tea and a cookie, and a moment to sit down
and enjoy the peace of the moment makes a difference to the day and my attitude.

So amidst all the hustle and bustle that is today,
I'm making sure I take time to take a moment to notice that the sun is shining, 
listen to my little one and remember that next week is study break.

And there is plenty of things to keep my hands busy and my mind calm
waiting for when I have more than a moment of time.


  1. bet those were Aaron's sheets! Those moments are so plenty around us, aren't they? Smelling the Spring things is one of my, love love violets...and thank you thank you so much for the perfect cardi for Phoebe's Black Sheepie - it fitted perfectly AND it was the next thing she'd asked me for - awesome!!Much love,

  2. I hear you Deb!
    Life is precious.
    They mentioned your cardboard cathedral on the radio today, which made me think of you x

  3. Violets and Daphne together - what a heavenly scent that must be. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I love daphne; there's one on the way to school and I always feel happy when I smell it!

  5. xxx sending you lots of love and calm xxx

  6. Sheets dried in the sunshine often smell the best. It's like the sunshine gets trapped inside them and leaks into your dreams.


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