Saturday, August 3, 2013

Leaving the nest....

Today Chrissy moved out. She's 20 and she is ready for her second attempt at flatting.
I'm really happy for her, it's going to be great; and I'm glad.

This morning she was trying to shed as much stuff as she could to us
(as they do) and she gave me three fat quarters of fabric she didn't want.

After David came home from dropping off all her gear,
we cleaned the room and set up a spare bed in there.

Then I came inside and felt a bit lost really.
Deep down inside I felt sad that my baby has flown the nest,
I'm really happy for her, but buried deep in my heart 
I knew that I'm going to miss her heaps, even the annoying bits.

Of course I had things I should do,
but I picked up her three pieces of fabric and an idea came to me.
I found three more pieces that matched
and started cutting and pressing and sewing.

As I sewed the strips I talked to God about how I felt,
and asked Him to look after her;
and gradually the pile of fabric was joined up together.

It's just such a peaceful feeling to sew and sew and sew
without thinking too much.

And then there was a neat pile of strips all sewn together.
It felt like no time at all. Order from the chaos.

Nine scrappy trip around blocks.
Beautiful bright and vibrant blocks.

A leaving the nest quilt in the making.
My hopes, fears and prayers ordered into lines.


  1. I know I should really get to bed....but just had to read this :)
    I can only imagine how huge this would be....I've got a few years yet!
    I love how you have made order with you're thoughts through you're sewing and what a lovely way to send her of into this new part of her life with a quilt made with love! :)) xxx

  2. Ahh Deb, what an emotional roller coaster you're life has been, this one is so hard but wonderful. That's what we do, raise them so they can go out on their own, but you'll always be there to catch her if she needs you. You've done good.

  3. They may leave home. But they still need you and sometimes more than ever. You will become her sounding board and strength and of course her couselor in all things of life. And her best freind..the best fried anyone can have for life...I

  4. Sounds like an interesting time in life. Glad she is still close by and has fantastic parents to support her. I was 17 when my parents moved to another country and I had to leave home, not by choice. It was hard and I was too young and couldn't just pop home when I needed to. You have such a lovely family. Cx

  5. gorgeous quilt, great way to sew - while talking to God. I talk to him heaps when walking or swimming. Thinking of you

  6. She's so lucky to have a mama like you! The quilt looks gorgeous x

  7. Thanks for sharing that - i love how you said you're going to miss even the "annoying bits." So blessed and thankful. I love that about you. Oh, and the scrappy trips? Beautiful!

  8. Wow - out of sorrow and joy a thing of beauty! Sounds like a child flying the nest, eh?

  9. she has good taste in fat quarters! I love these colours. Deb those stitches and the accompanying prayers - such a beautiful gift. Chrissy is an awesome young woman x

  10. Lovely post....I am getting very near this stage in life, and wondering how on earth it could be so. I will be thinking of and praying for you often.

  11. Funny the things that give one inspiration. Is the leaving the nest quilt for Chrissy?


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