Friday, August 16, 2013

Oh thank goodness it's Saturday....

I haven't been so glad for it to be Saturday for ages,
oh my goodness, the deadlines are behind me.
If you want me, I'll be on the sofa. Not joking.

It's raining and cold outside, but David and Annie are busy in the garden.
Annie looks adorable in her red gumboots,
her opshopped skirt, her fluffy jacket the cousins gave her
and my crochet hat from the Himalaya shop.

David is still having a pretty difficult time with work,
so I think some gardening is a bit of an antidote,
something that you can do at your own pace and finish it off!! 

If you want me, I'll be here. My brain cells are all so tired,
watching rubbish tv (come done with me omnibus anyone - don't judge)
and knitting one of my projects, I may have three on the go.
By the way if anyone knows where the essential hank of wool
to finish Roo's hoodie is, I'm offering a $5 reward! 

So do tell, what are your plans for this Saturday??
If you live in central New Zealand, I hope the earth quietens down,
you have my deepest sympathy and lots of love xxxx


  1. I my friend is relaxing as well. What a long week, and what a long month for me. Exhausted. Been to Darfield for rugby already this morning, now in bed trying to warm my toes. Got friends over for the all blacks tonight and some Slosh (its a pool game, pool with balls not water). So tomorrow i will be unavailable as well as one of my friends (vodka) will be leaving me feeling a bit worse for wear. Enjoy your time out you deserve it <3

  2. Another wet weekend! A morning of tidying the destruction of the house after an exhausting work week, then maybe some time to create. Well done on getting your work done.

  3. You deserve some R&R time Deb! All I could think of when I saw Annie in the garden is how COLD it must be down there (brrr) xx

  4. Saturday is nearly over now - but I've been to music lessons with one child, lots of washing of course, a little sewing and baking. Soon it will be time for a wine and the latest installment of Miss Fisher on TV1 tonight. Enjoy your Sunday too.

  5. Yesterday was laze around the house day as it was one of those cold, overcast, sometimes rain, days. I just rotated the laundry on the rail dryer near the wood fire while catching up with friends on messenger. Today is sunny and nice so there's some(more)laundry to hang on the line, I'll go for a walk and take the camera and this afternoon I may do some gardening if the cold August winds don't visit. Weird Winter this year!
    Cheers, Robyn

  6. Look at your gorgeous girl helping her Dada
    everyone def needs some inside couch time!
    I didn't leave the house all weekend - bliss


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