Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The ever changing, never shrinking to-do list....

 It's study week, yippee!
Of course I'm doing study (cough) but as well as that
I have a few things on my to-do list...

These two baskets hold Christmas presents all ready to make up,
quilts planned and much more. Hopefully by the end of next week, they will be empty.

Another basket contains the bits for a Christmas Scrap Vomit commissioned by a friend.
I sewed the first block tonight and now that I've started, 
I think it will come together in no time (all the A blocks are ready to go)

Yesterday I cut out six summer dresses for Annie,
I'm hoping to make her entire summer wardrobe this week
from things that I have in the stash. No $$ need to be spent, hurray.

I thought if I sewed one or two things a day by the end of next week
it will all be done. Today I turned a 20 cent pillowcase into a sweet pair of shorts.

I put a wee pocket on each leg for a bit of detail, and a thrifted button.

I plan on finding a few stretched tshirts in our cupboards
and turn them into bike shorts for her to go under her dresses.

Watch this space, I'm hoping for a pile of "new" clothes for Annie by next week.

Hows your to-do list going???


  1. Oh my gosh!! those shorts are adorable!!!
    My to-do list is making good progress. Finishing things for once before I start anything new!

  2. pretty ambitious "study". I love the shorts and can't wait to see the dresses etc

  3. Hmmm my to do list is on hold.. Sadly. I miss creating.

  4. amazing shorts!!! Will you write a tutorial? xx

  5. I'm just so tired :( my to do list is looking at my across the room with its beady little eyes...

  6. You amaze me. So productive. Go girl.

  7. Go you, you machine! Looking forward to seeing all your makings! As for those shorts! So freeking cute! My to-do list is as long as my arm, as soon as i tick one thing off another jumps back on!

  8. I love those shorts. The fabric is gorgeous and the style beautiful. Looking forward to making some clothes for my girl for summer too. I even bought a dress pattern for a dress like I used to have as a little girl. Looks like you have a lot planned. Hope it all goes well. Cx

  9. The shorts are so sweet! I bet she loves them. Lots of colour for a colourful girl.

  10. Mine isn't going too badly, I finished youngests socks (he promptly requested another pair), my cushion cover for the guild is 7 rows and a cast-off from being knit (then I need to back it), my socks are 1/4 done and my stays are over 1/4 through the eyelets. Still have the mending and fitting pile to work through and my weaving but definitely getting somewhere.
    Haven't thought about Christmas yet aside from getting the boys their new bikes.

  11. Those shorts are soooo sweet :)) Lucky girly!

  12. My "to do" list is a shambles... I really 'should' be writing a birth plan just now but I thought I might catch up on blogland instead... more interesting and less angst ridden.

    Those shorts are the bomb. I love them. I want to wear them. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!


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