Thursday, August 8, 2013

Weekending Roundup...

Making : a doll cardigan
Cooking : fresh plunger coffee
Drinking : copious amounts of tea
Reading: companion to the treaty of Waitangi
Wanting: a quiet place to write
Looking: for quotes to use in my essay

Playing: pet rescue
Wasting: my opportunity to write notes
Sewing: a quilt for a friend
Wishing: for a child-free day
Enjoying: lectures

Waiting: for the weekend
Liking: learning new things
Wondering: if Spring is actually here
Loving: snuggles with my wee girl
Hoping: I get everything done

 Marvelling: at how productive you can be when you SUPER try
Needing: a holiday
Smelling: spring flowers
Wearing: my jeans
Following: @croskelley on IG quilt making
 Noticing: the more you do, the more you fit in
Knowing: everything always turns out
Thinking: about cupcakes
Feeling: stressed
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Meme from Pip


  1. maybe Handy Aaron will help with some quiet time...? Hope you have a joyful weekend...:) quiet rain falling consistently here...soup, fire, board games and CRAFTING...X

  2. There is always a bed at mine if you need a holiday xxx

  3. Lots going on... I really don't know how you juggle it all?


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