Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#blessingdebnz (that's me)

This morning I was woken up by some distant domestic dispute
and seeing as I was awake thought I would flick through my Instagram feed.
Imagine my surprise when I saw this picture appear.

So Cat, Laura, Juliet and Treena have joined together to raise money
for me to buy a quilting machine.

I have so many different feelings around this,
I'm embarrassed and overwhelmed,
and I feel amazed that people will do this.

But I also feel super excited. 
I really really want one of these machines,
it means that I could make and give away more quilts
and somehow there is always someone who needs a quilt isn't there.

So even though this is for me, and that's kinda embarrassing,
I really really would love it if you would support this effort.

All the details are here (and on the other girl's pages)
and also on this facebook page.

All of the quilts in this post have been given away,
it's what I love to do. It's something I can do and I want to keep doing.

Please support me by donating,
even just a little, and I promise that it will be put to good use.

Isn't it amazing what happens when people work together?
Good things happen!!!


  1. Reading your blog has been a blessing to me! Your friends are wonderful for letting me give back.

  2. You are so amazing and have such a pure kind heart - this is our way of giving back to you xxx
    As I said this morning here is to the power of prayer and internet

  3. Deb, even if you didn't give away a single quilt again, I believe this would be put to good use. Please dont feel that you HAVE to only make quilts for others once you get this. Please dont feel that pressue. Just enjoy your love for quilting (you're still one of the most generous and lovely people I know) xxx

  4. Investment in others is never wasted xxx this is a wonderful cause xxx

  5. I love that you have embraced this. I love that you give quilts. I also love your friends. How awesome are they?

  6. what sophie said. it's a gift not an obligation xxx

  7. So so so so happy your excited about this! You are such a beautiful lady and I feel so blessed myself that I met you last year and can say that you're my friend.....keep doing what you've always are constantly inspiring me and so many others :)) xxxx

  8. Totally what Sophie said! She's nailed it. It will be a gift not an obligation to keep making.

  9. You have described yourself to me as an encourager of others - this is such a small part of what your encouragement has produced!

    Be humbled yes - but never embarrassed - you are simply reaping what you have sown with a gracious heart over a number of years.

    Blessings xx

  10. I can't think of anyone more deserving! Blessed are those who... well... bless everyone else! xoxoxo

  11. I am so excited for you. I am your Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, counterpart as I do the same thing here!! It fills my heart to be able to pass out perpetual hugs where needed, but it does get very costly. If you visit my blog and scroll down a couple of posts, you'll see my latest comfort quilt, which this time had a personal flavor to it. I was saving up for a KitchenAid, but I can save up for one next year!! Good luck!! I know it will gel and I'm very happy for you to have such good and caring friends.

  12. I love that last quilt. So beautiful, and such an amazing thing to do giving away quilts.

  13. I've had a lovely big smile on my dial following blogs sharing about this, and then to read yours with such acceptance and excitement really has made my day. What a joy it must of been for you to wake up to.
    Love Leanne


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