Sunday, September 1, 2013

Finding the happy....

I spent the weekend in Twisel hanging out with friends there.
It's was lovely to catch up and lovely to have some kid-free sewing time.
I got loads done, but seeing as it was mainly Christmas presents,
can't show and tell!

It's a funny thing once you have kids,
the things you enjoy are different to the pre-kid days ( I can dimly remember them)

I was really looking forward to four hours in the car
with noone to talk to. Just to listen to music I wanted
and to think my own thoughts.

It was bliss.

I also got to stop whenever I wanted and take pictures.
That was awesome too.  Coming home it was a splendid day
and it was awesome to soak up the amazing scenery.

Aoraki Mt Cook, looking majestic.

And then it was lovely to come home to my messy, noisy family
and hug them tight. I missed them when I was away.

Now I'm off to sort the load of washing that's been in the washer since Friday!!!


  1. I hear you. and gah!! the washing, I suppose no one thought to look in there while you were away LOL :)

  2. looks great. We love it down there. Did you go to the hot tubs there? They are bliss without children too!!!

  3. Oh, wow, i think there would be a few pulls-over-to-the-side-of-the-road for me, breathtaking scenery!

  4. Pre-kid days. I don't think I even know that girl anymore. She is there but distant.

    I especially love the last picture. Wow!

  5. i had to laugh at the washing :) stunning photo's and scenery x


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