Monday, September 16, 2013

Finding my happy place...

This is my happy place.
It's called Lake Daniel's and it's at the end of a three hour walk in the south Island.

Right now, I'm struggling to keep a happy place in my heart,
and not feel overwhelmed by end of year study,
packing the house, sick kids and David's work situation.

If I'm a bit quiet for a bit here,
it's because I've shut my eyes to the mess and chaos
and I'm breathing in the sweet west coast air
and listening to the water slap against the shore of Lake Daniels.


  1. stunning photo, you know where to come if you need some hugs x thinking of you guys and praying all that you need - strength, wisdom, peace - comes to you as you have need xxx love you

  2. Hugs and Love
    I applaud you for having the strength to continue blogging where I have lost mine xxx
    Thank you for always being there for me xxx

  3. Big hugs, sending lots of love and prayers xx

  4. awesome. That is the first tramp we take all our kids on for their 3rd birthdays. Did you stay in the hut at this time of year? The bunk rooms there can be freezing!!! Thinking of you heaps.

  5. Make sure you do something for yourself each day, even if it is just going to bed early.


  6. Big Hugs.What a beautiful place.I hope you find a bit of time for yourself to let yourself be happy and calm.I will pray for you and hope that all mums out there are in a good place, at least for most of the time. XOX.

  7. Much love and hugs to you Deb xoxoxo
    May you find your happy place and find some calm amongst it all :)

  8. oh sending you big hugs Deb. You have so much on your plate ... I know what some of that feels like and my fingers are tightly crossed for you that there's plenty of good ahead too. And I know that even though studying is total crap sometimes and I often wonder what on earth I'm doing and why I just didn't get a job in a supermarket, I also know that it is terribly empowering and that you will do really well. Keep on keeping on dear!


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